8:30 am EDT, June 13, 2018

The live-action ‘Dumbo’ teaser is here!

The first teaser for Disney’s new live-action adaptation of Dumbo is here, and it will make you feel things.

Dumbo is one of those iconically Disney cartoons, one that many of us saw as children. And while the film itself has some truly problematic aspects (the Jim Crow character is a glaringly huge one) and some truly heavy themes, there are still those who truly enjoyed the cartoon. So when it was announced that Tim Burton would be making a live-action version of the cartoon for a modern audience, many were curious to see just what would be done to the story to adapt it to 2018 viewers.

In the first released teaser, we don’t get a huge idea of what to expect from the live action film. For those who maybe didn’t love Dumbo as a kid because you were freaked out by the “Pink Elephants on Parade” sequence or never quite got over the entire storyline with Dumbo’s mom, this trailer definitely evokes some of that heavier emotion. However, the film does seem to have lighter moments than the original cartoon.

Colin Farrell plays the trainer in charge of Dumbo, and along with his two children, it seems that they are a kind family who really care about the elephant. While there is still plenty of room to include a more evil character, we don’t get any glimpses of the bad guys in this film.

Instead, we just get brief looks at Dumbo’s life in the circus and get a taste of the magic in his story while the music hearkens to some of the more melancholy bits. All in all, it seems like this film might be a kinder version of the Dumbo story than the cartoon we all grew up watching. The film will likely have scrapped the racist characters from the story, so it seems that Tim Burton’s live-action version of this film will be a much-needed update to this classic story.

Dumbo arrives in theaters on March 29, 2019.

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