David Tennant will return as the mind-controlling Kilgrave in Jessica Jones season 2, and now everything is terrifying.

Entertainment Weekly revealed the news of Kilgrave’s return, with a photo of David Tennant and Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter on set. Jessica Jones season 2 is currently filming in New York, and the series is set to premiere early next year.

Naturally, Marvel isn’t offering any details about the circumstances of Kilgrave’s return. As the central villain of the first season, Kilgrave left an indelible mark on Jessica and the fandom. Raping, torturing, and murdering his way through the super-strong (and super drunk) private investigator’s life, Kilgrave’s mind control remains one of the most horrific manifestations of evil yet conjured by the Netflix/Marvel series.

But of course, Jessica Jones season 1 concluded with Jessica finally snapping Kilgrave’s neck — by all appearances, killing him. So David Tennant’s return presents plenty of mystery on it’s own. Has Kilgrave been revived somehow, perhaps by the nefarious Hand?

Or is the mind controller now doing his dark work from inside Jessica’s own head, as she grapples with the trauma of experiencing his brutality and ending his life?

Given the magical edge skating along Marvel’s stories, there could be any number of possibilities. But for now, fans can content themselves with the knowledge that Jessica Jones will be back and kicking ass in the Defenders on Aug. 18.

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