Darren Criss fans rejoice! The singer and actor has a new EP coming out called Homework, and you’ll be able to get your hands on it very soon!

“I have some new music for ya,” wrote Criss via Twitter on Tuesday (November 28). “New EP, “Homework.” I’m not out to break the charts, rule the radio, or change the world on this one. It’s just me being me, and making whatever that is totally available to you.”

Check out the track list for Darren Criss’ Homework below:

1. Foolish Thing
2. I Dreamed A Dream
3. Going Nowhere
4. I Don’t Mind
5. The Day That The Dance Is Over

In addition to the tweet, Criss also linked followers to an official music video for a slow-building acoustic forward ballad called “I Don’t Mind.”

“I Don’t Mind” may give fans a pretty good feel with regards to the direction Criss is going with on Homework, but the singer made it a point to expand on the process of creating the album in a statement released via a press release on Tuesday afternoon.

Specifically, Criss went into detail on the multiple reasons why “Homework” is the perfect name for his forthcoming EP.

“It’s about as homegrown as you can get,” said Criss of his new music. “It was produced mostly with real live instruments, getting back to what really started my life as a songwriter in the first place— guitars and pianos and words and music. The main idea behind this was to embrace me just being me as much as possible in the hopes of it reaching you in some kind of positive way.”

There’s also a bit more of a tongue-in-cheek reason as to why Criss is so happy with the name he chose for his forthcoming release.

“Homework always took me way too long to do…and so here I am, ‘finishing’ it by releasing [the EP] into the world, and encouraging it to live its own life with you,” continued Criss. “You, who have waited very patiently and supported me tirelessly through the years— my family and friends from school growing up in San Francisco, my friends from college in Ann Arbor, the fans that kicked off my career and the new ones that are interested into diving a little deeper into my backstory. This one’s for you. So here, I did some homework.”

Fans looking to get their hands on a physical copy of Homework can do so by ordering the album via Criss’ official site. The singer and actor will also be signing all pre-sale copies of the CD through an exclusive CD+Merch Bundle pre-sale from now until the EP makes its grand debut in December.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing what Darren Criss has been cooking up in the studio.

If the rest of Homework is anything like “I Don’t Mind,” we’ve got a feeling his new EP will be on heavy rotation once it makes its way out into the world.

Darren Criss’ new EP, Homework drops on December 15.

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