8:30 pm EDT, July 25, 2014

Daniel Radcliffe talks ‘Horns’ at first Comic-Con appearance

Daniel Radcliffe made his San Diego Comic-Con debut on Friday to discuss his new film Horns.

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Horns is based on the novel of the same name by Joe Hill, and the first U.S. trailer premiered at the panel. It showed Radcliffe as Ig, a guy accused of killing his girlfriend, who grows horns and can suddenly control people. The trailer shows Ig’s progress from grief stricken boyfriend to vengeful man.

After the trailer Joe Hill, Alexander Aja and Daniel Radcliffe were brought out to loud cheers. It was Radcliffe’s birthday this week, and when prompted the crowd sang Happy Birthday to him.

Highlights from the ‘Horns’ panel

New footage:

The scene they showed demonstrated Ig’s power to control people. It also showed how badly it can go wrong. Ig started to look more and more like the devil as he controlled people. People seek him out to confess their darkest desire, and in the scene they showed we saw several people confessing what they wanted to do, including a bar owner who wanted to burn his place down. Suddenly, the people weren’t just talking about what they wanted to do, but were doing it.

Wearing the horns:

When talking about wearing horns Dan said that seeing himself for the first time in prosthetics was amazing. “There is something incredibly empowering looking like the devil.”

Classifying the film:

Author Joe Hill called the novel/film a tragicomehorridy because it dares to explore more than just the horror aspect. He wants us to believe in the story of the people, not just the “jump scare” (the moment that makes you literally jump in your seat) on the screen.

‘Horns’ and ‘Harry Potter’:

The moderator Dave Kruger pointed out that Daniel is wearing Gryffindor colors in the movie, and Dan said that it was completely accidental. He insisted he wasn’t trying to be a Gryffindor in all of his films.

Snakes on set:

Daniel told a story of trying to drive in the film with a snake around his neck. The only problem was that he had never driven before, and driving with a six foot python around him was incredibly tricky. He actually wrecked a car while it was being pulled by another car, which he said was really hard to do.

Working with Juno Temple:

Dan said that the break up scene was harder than any of the fight scenes to film. He loved working with Juno Temple, who he said was amazing in the film. Joe Hill also noted that the emotion that the two actors portray in these scenes was incredibly real and intense.

The best of the audience Q&A:

What inspired you to be demonic?
Daniel: “I made a playlist that had Metallica and Megadeath, Radiohead and some more melancholy stuff. I broke down the character just like I did Harry Potter and figured out what drove that scene.”

How did you manage the transition from being a child actor?
Daniel: “Towards the end of my time on Potter I did start to worry about my career being done. I think that Equus was a big thing for me, and that sent a signal of intent to people that I wanted to broaden my horizons as an actor.”

Horns will be released in the United States on October 31, 2014.

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