I wrote a fanfiction. This is not something I thought I’d ever do. But when Harry Potter and the Cursed Child missed a perfect opportunity to finally insert a gay character into canon, I knew I had to step up to the plate and fix things.

My 3,000-word fanfiction following Albus and Scorpius a couple of years after the events of The Cursed Child fixes the play’s mistake: In this version, it’s Scorpius and Albus who end up together, not Scorpius and Rose. The latter pairing makes very little sense when you see the play on stage — many show attendees, myself included, strongly sensed something between Albus and Scorpius.

You can read more about that issue here, but in short, as one reviewer put it so brilliantly to The Guardian, “They are explicitly compared to Snape and Lily. So when the big turnaround happened during the final five minutes, I felt like I was being told that magic wasn’t real, after all. What a letdown it was, after five lovely hours. I was surprised that the writers would choose to include all the near-romantic interactions and then bring in an another love interest in right at the very last minute to make it very clear that the chemistry between the two main characters was meant to be read as purely platonic.”

Warning: This fanfiction is X-rated in parts. I did not hold back because I simply could not resist — I ship these two so hard. What’s more, I’m a big fan of gay fiction (shout out to my favorite author in this genre, Jay Bell!) so this was the perfect opportunity for me to write my own story. Enjoy!

‘Never Sever Us’ – A Corny, Sexy Fanfiction

Ever since running into him on the train, I knew something was different about this boy.

Scorpius Malfoy. Blonde, tall, intelligent, compassionate, relentlessly bright, a natural, gorgeous smile — all the things that I look for in someone. There was no doubt in my mind that he was unique. And on top of it all, whenever we looked into each other’s eyes, something special ignited between us.

Our deeper connection, one beyond friendship, was solidified at the worst part of our journey. During our early Hogwarts years we ended up in a fight over how to change the past (It’s complicated; I won’t get into that here — Buy the book). At our worst, when we would run into each other in the Hogwarts hallways but say nothing to one another, we stared into each other’s eyes like we were both desperate to share something. Like we wanted to come clean about a part of ourselves we were both hiding during our journey to right what we had done wrong via Time Turners.

In turns out he had the same feelings as I did. I was in love with Scorpius, and he was in love with me.

I give him all the credit. Shortly after we teamed up with our parents to fix the problems we had created, Scorpius decided to just do it. At our first moment of privacy, he went for the metaphorical kill and kissed me on the lips without any warning. It was the result of hinting to each other so many times that our friendship was more than a friendship.

And damn, did it feel good. He’s always exemplified courage, but never more than when he decided to act on the emotions he was feeling. Miraculously, he had realized I was feeling them too. I’m not sure I would’ve conjured up the courage to do the same.


A couple of years have passed since that glorious day, and as we continue to make our way through Hogwarts, our relationship is stronger than ever. Scorpius and I are inseparable at this point (It helps that we’re in the same Hogwarts House), and recently we decided to take another step forward: It was time to come out to our parents.

It wasn’t me who made the decision to do this now, but with our time at Hogwarts starting to approach the end, I’ve been privately thinking about how we move our relationship forward once we leave school. Him and I both know that we’re endgame. So how do we continue outside of Hogwarts?

We haven’t told our parents about our relationship because it just hasn’t seemed necessary. We’ve spent most of our time away from Harry, Ginny, and Draco thanks to school, and we’ve enjoyed keeping the secret. Our friends knew, of course. It hasn’t been difficult at all to come out to classmates. Hogwarts is an accepting place these days.

It was a Saturday afternoon in the end of summer, and there was only a week remaining before we started our sixth year at Hogwarts. With only a couple of days to go until we hopped on the Hogwarts Express, Scorpius raised the subject with a bit of hesitation.

“I… think it’s time we tell our parents,” he told me on our walk to grab a bite to eat. Since having sex a half hour earlier, he was untraditionally quiet — I knew something was on his mind. “I’m tired of keeping this a secret — I want to share my love for you with my dad, and your parents too.”

I paused for a minute, as this caught me by surprise. The ecstasy I was experiencing from one of our best hookups yet couldn’t have evaporated quicker. This was a big announcement to share with mum and dad, but on the other hand, having Scorpius at my side for the reveal would give me the confidence to do it. Truthfully, I too had been considering when we should tell Mum, Dad, and Draco. “If you’ll be there with me, I’m more than happy to.”

“I was about to ask that you do the same for me,” he said through his trademark smile.

That messy, sweaty hair. That stupid smile. Those abs I’m still thinking of under his shirt. Dammit, this guy.

While eating, we decided that we would first tell my parents, Harry and Ginny. The thinking was that they were likely to be more accepting of the sudden news, and that if things went awry with coming out to Scorpius’ dad, that they’d be able to go to Draco and talk him through it. Plus, I had already come out to my brother and sister, James and Lily. Meanwhile, Scorpius’ mum was no longer in the picture. She had died several years earlier, making it all the harder on Scorpius: Would Draco be disappointed that his only son with Astoria is gay?

“If I may make a recommendation, just go straight into it — no hesitation,” Scorpius told me. This would be difficult, but I understood what he was saying. Just rip the band-aid off. Get it over with, and it’ll only get better from there.

“That’s fine,” I told him, finding his hands and pulling him close for a kiss.


“Today. Now.”

We went to my family’s house. As soon as I opened the door, it hit me like a ton of bricks. This is happening. Okay, this is happening.

It was just past dinner time and mum was reading while dad was cleaning up the kitchen.

“Albus… and Scorpius! What a lovely surprise,” said mum with perhaps a touch of sarcasm. It wasn’t uncommon to see him with me these days, though it’s anyone’s guess if she suspected why that truly was.

“Hello Mrs. Potter, nice to see you as always,” Scorpius said. Maybe she couldn’t tell, but I could: He was nervous. So much for this being entirely easy!

She put down her book and began to ask what we were up to when I interrupted and called dad into the room. “We have something to tell you,” I said between them.

Worry immediately set in on their faces. They probably expected that we messed with Time Turners again, or that Scorpius turned into Ron and started making out with Hermione — again.

“I… We… We have something to tell you. Scorpius is… I’m in… We are…”

I locked up. I hadn’t thought about how to put it. How do I introduce this? I shouldn’t have rushed into this. Fuck, I won’t ever forget this moment, they won’t ever forget this moment, Scorpius won’t ever forg–

“I love your son, and he loves me,” Scorpius blurted out.

It was like a Silencing Charm fell over the room. There it was. It’s done. Band-aid off, though I didn’t expect to pull it off this way.

“Yeah,” I said softly. My parents were quiet for a moment, processing what Scorpius just said about their son. Their boy is gay, and he has a boyfriend, and they love each other. It was the first relationship any of the Harry and Ginny’s children had had.

Harry’s flat face turned into a slight smile. He grabbed Ginny’s hand. “I can’t say I’m surprised. After all, we named you after Dumbledore… who as you may know —”

“THANK YOU, Harry!” Mum interrupted. “Albus. Scorpius! We are so happy for you. This is truly wonderful news.”

Mum was beaming. Dad’s smile grew as he looked at her. It seemed like they had suspected something was different about me. This was over. This was all going to be okay!


We filled them in on how our relationship grew since meeting on that first day at Hogwarts. It was also the first time they were hearing about our little encounter with the Trolley Lady. They were excited to hear all of the details, as this secret I’d been hiding for a couple years was finally out in the open. The whole arc of our story had finally made sense to them. This was the reason we clicked so quickly. This was a reason why both of us were down in the dumps when we had screwed up so much of the Wizarding World.

And this was great. So, so great.

We told them that we’d yet to tell Draco, and they assured us that we would have their full support in the event that anything went wrong. We decided that we would tell him the next day.

We said goodnight to my parents, who were heading out for dinner and probably a much-needed private discussion on what just unfolded. Once they left, we went up to my bedroom. It was time to celebrate.

Having never felt more relieved in my life, as soon as I shut my door I pushed him onto my bed and started kissing him hard. I locked into his lips and refused to let go. He pulled me into his chest as tightly as he could, moving his lips from my mouth to my cheek to my neck to my chest.

Scorpius haphazardly pulled off my shirt and let me quickly return the favor. Seconds later he was naked and on top of me as the last few minutes of dusk slowly darkened the room.

I gently pushed his shoulders, encouraging him to move down my body. He worked his way lower and lower, leaving every part of my chest, abdomen, and thighs wet with affection. Finally, he put me inside of him.

Feelings of warmth, pleasure and happiness overtook me as he worked his hands and mouth over me. This was great, but there was one thing that I knew would be better.

“Lay down,” I told him.

I pushed him onto his back and put his legs in the air, then made his ass wet before entering him.

He started to moan. He’s usually the top so this was still a bit of a new experience for him.

We don’t know what it’s like to have sex with other people, but I’ve never wanted to know. With Scorpius sex is perfect, always. Our bodies fit one another perfectly — we know each other inside and out, and how to please one another in ways I had never imagined prior to finding him. When we lost our virginities to one another, our relationship was solidified.

After he was warmed up and he took his hands off my legs, I started penetrating faster, harder. I started stroking his cock to make him feel just a bit of what I was feeling inside of him. It was like nothing I ever felt before, even though I’ve entered him before. I’m inside Scorpius, letting him know how much I love him. How happy I am to be with him, how happy I am to tell everyone close to me that he’s mine.

This never gets old.

I flipped him over to his stomach and went into him again, this time kissing his back and laying flat on top of him as I went as deep as I could. Finally, I couldn’t wait any longer. I came inside him and experienced one of the best orgasms I’d ever had.

I turned him over again and started blowing him. It took only a minute or two for him to come in my mouth.

I enjoyed every last drop then gave him a soft kiss on the mouth.

We woke up the next day still naked from the night before. Since we wanted to catch Draco before he went out for the day, we quickly got dressed and headed downstairs where Harry was reading the morning’s Daily Prophet.

“Morning,” Dad said, acting completely normal, as if the biggest announcement of my life hadn’t just happened 12 hours earlier.

“Hi!” Scorpius replied quickly. I’d never seen him this happy.

We told Dad we were heading out to speak to Draco. “I’d say ‘Good luck,’ but I know Draco’s love for you will not change after you tell him about yourself, Scorpius.”

Scorpius beamed as we left the house.

It was a short trip over to Draco’s, but for me it felt long. Scorpius had told me on numerous occasions that the house had felt a lot colder since his mother passed away a few years ago. I never really enjoyed going to the house for this reason and a few others. It’s just a cold, gloomy place in general.

We entered the house, where Draco was just coming down the stairs. “Hello Scorpius, Albus.”

Draco Malfoy

“Dad, we have something to tell you,” Scorpius said straight away. He seemed as confident as ever and didn’t want to waste another minute — This wasn’t scaring him like it scared me last night.

Draco slowed his walk and turned to us, bracing for impact. “Yes?”

“I’m gay, dad. And so is Albus. And we’re in a relationship.”

Like it did at my house, silence fell on the room. But this time, Draco didn’t begin to smile. He just stood there, staring at both of us.

“Well, this is definitely news.” Crap, I thought, he didn’t expect it at all. Scorpius paused again, processing what his son just told him. “How long has this been going on?” Draco said, turning to me.

“Years,” I said.

Scorpius spoke up, remaining steady despite his father’s hesitation. “Truthfully, I was never ready to come out before I met Albus. He’s gave me the strength to do this. I love him and want you to know it, dad.”

Another long pause, this time with a quiet sigh at the end. “I’m glad you told me, and the Wizarding War I lived through certainly taught me a lot about acceptance. In fact, Delphi was a fresh reminder of that of what I went through when I was at Hogwarts.”

He paused, but Scorpius and I didn’t say anything. We could tell he wanted to say more. It didn’t help that Draco had generally been quieter since losing Astoria.

“But… You’re our only. Our family ends here.”

Heartbreak and a realization set in on me. Draco didn’t mind this news, but he was sad to hear that his family wouldn’t continue on. Scorpius was their only child, and he wouldn’t be able to start a new generation of Malfoys. What’s more, Astoria never knew a big truth about her only child.

Scorpius stepped towards his father and gave him a hug which Draco returned. I stood there in awe at this family — a small family that had faced great heartbreak beginning a new chapter in their life.


The three of us sat down and spoke about our relationship for a few minutes. Draco started showing hints of a smile as the conversation continued. “You know, I can’t remember anyone at Hogwarts being gay or lesbian during my years at the school,” he said at one point. “In fact, I don’t think anyone was.” I was disappointed by this development, but was glad that Scorpius and I were one of the first openly gay couples at the school. The gays couldn’t stay in the dungeon closets forever!

I was tempted to tell Draco about the ways Scorpius could bring in a new generation of Malfoys, especially since his mood was improving over the passing minutes, but decided today was not the day to do that.

“I’m sure this wasn’t easy for either of you, and I’m proud of you both. Do your parents know, Albus?”

“Yes,” I said proudly. “We told them yesterday.”

“Wow, this is a big day for you both, then.” Draco reached into his pocket and handed us some money. “Go have a night out on the town. You’ve earned it.”

Scorpius hugged his dad one more time before heading for the door.

“And Scorpius?” he called out. “I love you.”

We walked hand-in-hand through town, quickly finding a place to eat. Both of us were quiet as we processed the past 24 hours. Draco was right: It was a big weekend for Scorpius and I, one we wouldn’t forget.

And it was about to become more memorable: We used the money Draco gave us to grab a nice hotel.

After ordering champagne to the room, we showered together then slipped into robes. We wanted to live like kings for a night — we were on top of the world, for this weekend anyway.

A couple more sips of champagne led to a few kisses. The kisses led to disrobing. Scorpius smelled fresh, beautiful, clean — It symbolized a new chapter.

I laid him down then flipped myself over. One of our favorite things to do was blow each other simultaneously. We’d gotten good at timing it right so we came into each others mouths at the same time.

This time, we weren’t going to stop there. Tonight was an night to celebrate our passionate relationship. With both of our cocks wet and hard, it was time to start entering one another.

Scorpius pulled me up and threw me onto my knees. I grabbed the headboard as he pushed himself inside of me. He grabbed my hips and started pounding harder and harder, slapping my ass occasionally to remind me who was in control.

I took advantage of being in a hotel room by moaning loud, letting out everything I was feeling inside of me escape through my mouth. It was one of only a few times when we didn’t have to quietly have sex. It was time to let everything out.

“Harder!” I said to him, and he happily obliged. He leaned down over me and whispered into my ear, “I love you.”

“I love you, Scorpius.”

I pushed backward so he was penetrating me as we both stood on our knees. He spit on his hand, reached around to my front, and started pleasuring my cock.

I was ready to burst, but I wasn’t about to end this here.

I pulled away from him and put him on his side. After putting my cock in his mouth for a couple minutes, I stood on my knees perpendicular to his side-laying body and went in him with no slowness.

“OHMYGOD,” he screamed, surprised by my forcefulness, “Fuck…” I didn’t care — we Slytherins enjoy a little pain now and again. I started thrusting harder and harder as he reached for my torso.

After 10 steady minutes of moving in and out of my Scorpius, it was time for me to have a release. I pushed him onto his back and came into his mouth.

He returned the favor by coming on my ass, and then pushing himself inside me once more. I moaned from exhaustion, pleasure, and a little pain — all surrounded by happiness.

Scorpius is my man. My person. My other half. My life. Whether or not I had been sorted in Slytherin, I know that him and I would’ve ended up together. Our attractions were always destined to find one and match another. I love him with every fiber in my being.

We enter our sixth year with a renewed sense of love and acceptance. When we graduate in less than two years, we will be able to start a life together. Thanks to coming out to our parents, Harry, Ginny, and Draco can help us begin to plan our post-Hogwarts lives.

In time, our love for one another will help Draco accept that the Malfoy family will be carried forward in its own way. He’ll see that our love is far more important and far greater than what he had envisioned for his family in light of losing Asotria. I promise, Scorpius and I will do the Malfoy and Potter names proud.

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