On the heels of canceling Animal Practice, NBC has decided to pull another show from its Thursday night schedule, Up All Night – potentially clearing up room for Community’s return.

Unlike Animal Practice, however, Up All Night has not been outright canceled… yet. According to Variety, NBC has opted to have the show cease production for the time being and take a three-month long hiatus after its 11th episode airs in December, with production restarting in February.

A three-month long hiatus? That might be exactly enough time to squeeze in the 13 episodes of Community’s fourth season. And when Animal Practice’s absence freed up a time slot on Thursday night, NBC wasted no time in plugging in Whitney – the other show that it pulled along with Community from its original October 19, Friday debut.

NBC is converting Up All Night from a single-camera format into a multi-camera Friends-style sitcom shot in front of a live audience. NBC chair Bob Greenblatt has made clear that he’d like more shows on the network to be broader and more accessible like the CBS comedies that routinely destroy NBC’s in the Nielsen ratings. It sounds like Up All Night’s transition could be a kind of guinea pig for this new vision.

In the long run this might mean fewer shows like Community on NBC, but for now we could be getting our Greendale crew back shortly.

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