Paintball makes its triumphant return to Greendale on Community season 6, episode 11. Check out our recap and share your thoughts on “Modern Espionage.”

Paintball has long been a mainstay of Community’s comedic arsenal. The first one, “Modern Warfare,” debuted way back in the the season 1 finale and at times it’s hard to reminder just how thrilling and fun it was. The follow-up was equally as fun but not necessarily as exciting. Now, after four long years, paintball returns to Greendale with “Modern Espionage,” and it’s not a moment too soon. Paintball and Greendale go together like peanut butter and jelly or at the very least Risoli and Isles (a reference even Abed could be proud of).

Paintball has always been going on at Greendale, as it turns out, it’s all just been in secret. The new sheriff in town, Frankie Dart, rightfully sees paintball as a menace to Greendale. The cleaning bills must be off the charts and the custodians, as led by Deputy Custodian Lapari (Kumail Nanjiani), are not happy.

After a shootout in the garage between Starburns and Todd, Frankie enlists Jeff to help her eliminate paintball once and for all. Jeff is happy to do so but quickly finds himself back in the world of paintball espionage. Elroy, Abed, Chang, Britta and Annie are all still playing and Abed is on the hunt for the elusive Silver Ballz, a mysterious player who uses only silver paintballs. Abed thinks the IP address that Silver Ballz is using to set the game up is originating yet again from City College.

Abed goes undercover to Club Club to meet with codename “Fun Dad,” a paintball munitions dealer, who turns out to be Koogler. Abed gets close to discovering who is buying silver paintballs before Koogler is “killed.”


Then the gang learns of Silver Ballz’s final evil plan. He plans to shoot Lapari at a special event Frankie has set up to give him a special award for always cleaning up after the school’s paintball battles. Everybody attends the event with earpieces and special Batman actor call signs (Elroy is Kilmer, Britta is Clooney and Pelton is Voice of Diedrich Baker). Elroy and Britta think they’ve uncovered the shooters, leading to an extensive shootout in the kitchen. Meanwhile Pelton dispatches a series of custodian goons in the elevator.

Pelton rushes the event and tells everyone that the custodians are behind the paintball battle. Jeff tries to defend Lapari from a shooter but it turns out to be just someone with a cane. Jeff’s shots set off a chaotic paintball skirmish until Jeff, Pelton and Lapari are the only ones left standing. Pelton and Jeff pursue Lapari all the way to the “Museum of Custodial Arts.” There, they have a final discussion on whether paintball should continue.

“We self-destruct like this because we’d rather be heroes and villains than sucky people who just need to work at sucking less,” Jeff says. He convinces Lapari and Pelton that Frankie won’t punish them in return for making sure paintball ends. Frankie turns up and confirms that yes, she won’t punish them. To end paintball once and for all, Jeff, Pelton and Lapari shoot each other at the same time.

As punishment for behaving so childishly, Frankie forces the Greendale crew to where baby costumes and speak in baby voices. Say what you will about Frankie, but she certainly knows how to put Jeff and company in their place.

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