Coming off of the surprise hit last fall Seven Psychopaths, Colin Farrell is in final negotiations to star alongside Anthony Hopkins in the upcoming thriller, Solace.

Afonso Poyart (Two Rabbits) will direct Solace, and production starts this May. The script is penned by Sean Bailey (Push, Nevada), Ted Griffin (Ocean’s Eleven), James Vanderbilt (The Amazing Spider-Man) and Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon).

Deadline announced the news that Farrell is joining Poyarat’s film, and also provided a synopsis:

An FBI detective seeks the help of a retired and reclusive doctor, to try and solve a series of grisly murders. The doctor was a wiz at the murder game, but lost his mojo when his daughter died tragically. Desperate, the detective presses the doctor to come out of retirement for one more case. Farrell will play the serial killer, putting him mano a mano against Hopkins. That should be fun. They’ve yet to cast the detective.

Solace doesn’t have a release date yet, but we can imagine it’d probably be sometime in early 2014.

Hopkins was most recently seen as the title role in Hitchcock, a biopic of Alfred Hitchcock creating his most famous film, Pyscho. Farrell is also starring in the upcoming film Saving Mr. Banks with Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson. He’ll play P.L. Travers’ father, who was the inspiration for the character of Mr. Banks in Mary Poppins.

What do you think about Farrell and Hopkins starring together? Who would you like to see play the detective?

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