Jeffrey Wright appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America early Wednesday and brought a new clip from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in which his character Beetee teaches Katniss about forcefields.

Katniss, Wiress, and Beetee are in the training center working together on kindling fire when the male tribute shows Katniss that there are subtle ripples in the forcefield wall placed between the tributes and the Gamemakers. We get a brief glimpse of Plutarch Heavensbee overseeing the training, and over his shoulder Beetee can spot the ripple which gives away the invisible forcefield.

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“There’s always a flaw in the system,” points out Beetee played by Wright. We love the actors quiet but deep-voiced acting chops. Unfortunately we get no lines from Wiress, but readers know she’s pretty quiet in the story save for her “tick tock”-ing.

This moment is important for Katniss because she later uses this ability to spot forcefields in the Games. Unfortunately, she’s just a second too late warning Peeta when he walks into one and needs to receive CPR from Finnick.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire opens in theaters November 22. Check out our review of the film which we released yesterday.

An adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ book of the same name, Catching Fire kicks off with Katniss and Peeta embarking on their Victory Tour so the Districts can celebrate their Games win. While traveling they see signs of a rebellion in several of the Districts. President Snow warns her to help get the people under control. Things don’t get better, and Katniss and Peeta are thrusted into the 75th Hunger Games where they must compete against past victors.

Look forward to our exclusive, one-on-one interview with Wright next week.

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