7:55 am EDT, January 8, 2019

Disney releases new ‘Captain Marvel’ footage

Disney released a special look at Captain Marvel packed with new details during the 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship game.

It seems like it’s been ages since Disney and Marvel dropped the first two trailers for Captain Marvel. With the movie’s March premiere date seemingly even farther away, we were stuck in a bit of a desert of new Carol Danvers content. Thankfully, Disney has given us a bit more footage from Captain Marvel in this new special look that shows us more about Carol, young Nick Fury, the Skrulls, and the Kree.

While the first trailer gave us a taste of what to expect from the Captain Marvel movie as a whole and the second trailer focused more on Carol’s backstory, this trailer gives us a bit more information on the characters surrounding Carol. We see more great footage of her training with the Kree and Mar-Vell (Jude Law), as well as some great additional footage of young Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and young Coulson (Clark Gregg).

It’s arguably the best trailer we’ve gotten for the movie so far, as we don’t just get hints to the basic plot points, but it feels like we really get a taste of the energy we can expect in Captain Marvel. This trailer gives us a real taste of Carol Danvers as both a hero and a person. Brie Larson seems to become Carol Danvers and Captain Marvel so naturally, and from what we see in this trailer and others, she’ll bring the strong, fun, snarky, and admirable hero to life effortlessly.

While Captain Marvel doesn’t premiere in theaters until March 8, Disney has announced that tickets for the movie are officially on sale. You can make sure you’ve got a spot when Carol Danvers arrives on the big screen for the first time wherever tickets are sold. Don’t miss your chance, Carol Corps!

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