3:00 pm EDT, September 11, 2018

Happy RM Day: Here’s why we appreciate BTS’ great leader Kim Namjoon

There’s so much to love about RM, so in honor of his birthday, here are just a few reasons why we appreciate him!

BTS’ leader Kim Namjoon was born on September 12, 1994, making this year his 24th birthday. Technically, it’s not his birthday in America yet, but it is his birthday in Korea so we’re already celebrating!

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Here’s some of the reasons why we love and appreciate Kim Namjoon.

BTS wouldn’t be the same without RM:

Kim Namjoon, or as he goes by on stage RM, was the first official member of BTS. From the start he was pivotal to making the group what it is today, even helping Big Hit Entertainment narrow down the remaining members.

He also helped the others in the group keep their spirits lifted during the difficult trainee days. When many of them wanted to quit, RM was there to help them see the bigger picture. If RM wasn’t there, who knows what BTS would have ended up looking like. It’s all thanks to him that we get to enjoy this great group of men.


He’s a low-key genius:

RM doesn’t really boast about his intelligence, because that’s not his style, but there’s no mistaking this man has some sexy brains in that beautiful head of his. In an interview he once revealed that his IQ score was tested in high school and came out to 148 and his university entrance exams was included in the top 1.3%!

He’s also known for being fluent in English, and often acts as an interpreter for BTS when they’re doing press. The way he learned English is remarkable, though: he’s stated he learned simply from watching episodes of Friends that his mother bought for him on DVD. On top of Korean and English, he can also speak Japanese.


Lyrics & Music:

As one of the main producers and writers for BTS, fans wouldn’t have many of the songs they love without RM. He’s also produced and written tracks for his solo mixtape, as well as collaborations outside of BTS.

No doubt that RM’s pressure to lead BTS while dealing with his own struggles have inspired many of the lyrics that help fans deal with their personal struggles.


He’s still modest:

Even after everything he’s done, and all of his accomplishments, RM remains modest. While on tour in L.A., the leader reflected on his doubts of his self-worth. “I couldn’t stop doubting myself, I’ve been questioning myself. Do I deserve this?” He spoke to the crowd while they cheered on loudly. Not only does this make him relatable, but it also makes fans want to send love his way even more.


Just look at him:

As the tallest member of BTS, Kim Namjoon just has a regal look about him when he’s being serious. But he’s also known to enjoy being silly which, just ends up making him adorable.

Don’t you just want to pinch those dimpled cheeks? I really don’t understand anyone who could find this man unattractive when he’s beautiful on the inside and out.


Honestly, I could go on and on about what makes RM so amazing and special. I hope his fans everywhere will take a moment to send love his way and appreciate everything he does for BTS and ARMY!

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