7:00 pm EDT, October 5, 2019

BTS news roundup: ‘Chicken Noodle Soup,’ vacation Vlogs, MTV EMA nominations, and more

It’s not always easy being an ARMY and keeping up with everything the boys are up to. We’ve got you covered with a roundup of all the BTS news from this past week!

Even though they’re still technically on break, BTS had a busy week! From more “Chicken Noodle Soup,” Tik Toks, vacation vlogs and pictures, and Bangtan Bombs, there was plenty of content from the boys.

There were also some exciting announcements like Jimin being revealed as one of the BoF 500, FILA confirming their contract with BTS, MTV EMA nominations, and the Bring the Soul: The Movie with commentary release date.

And that’s just some of what went down this week with BTS! Check out more below:

Sunday 9/29:

Big Hit released an episode for Hobi’s “Chicken Noodle Soup” MV shooting. The episode shows Hobi practicing in Korea before flying out to LA to shoot the video with Becky G.

There’s cute moments with the two artists collaborating as well as Hobi facetiming Jungkook because he misses his BTS members. Plus, plenty of behind-the-scenes looks at all the action from filming the music video.

You can also watch an unofficial English sub version on Bangtan Subs.

BTS added a new Tik Tok with the maknae line doing the CNS challenge!

Monday 9/30:

Big Hit released a Bangtan Bomb titled “V’s flower arrangement class.” On the set of Map of the Soul: Persona concept photo shooting, Taehyung entertained himself by making a flower vase for his set.

You can also watch an unofficial English sub version on JL_Kdiamonds.

Big Hit also announced vacation Vlogs from the members to be released daily from October 2 through October 11!

BTS added a new Tik Tok featuring a mashup of Hobi and the maknae line doing the CNS challenge!

Hobi tweeted more pictures from the set of “Chicken Noodle Soup” (ft. Becky G), along with sweet thank you notes in Korean and English to fans, staff, the dancers, and of course Becky G herself.

Becky G also tweeted a special video message for all the love on “Chicken Noddle Soup”!

FILA confirmed that BTS signed on as their new global brand ambassador! Rumors were circulating for some time after the group posted a picture with all the members in FILA gear on their Weibo account back in July.

Jimin was revealed as one of the BoF 500, recognizing his impact on the fashion industry by the The Business of Fashion.

The final episode of Bring the Soul: Docu-Series also aired on Weverse!

Tuesday 10/01

BTS was nominated in three categories for the MTV EMAs: Best Collaboration, Best Live, Biggest Fans. Vote here!

FILA USA welcomed BTS to the family with a cute tweet!

BTS’ junior group TXT posted their own version of the CNS challenge!

Wednesday 10/02

Yoongi posted a selca on Twitter and on Weverse!

The first vacation vlog was released, featuring Yoongi on a fishing trip with Jin! You can watch an unofficial English sub version on Channeem Subtitles.

KBS posted a clip of Boys II Men talking about their love for BTS!

TXT member Yeonjun revealed on V Live that Hoseok complimented his CNS challenge!

Thursday 10/03

V Live announced BTS’ concert in Saudi Arabia on 10/11 will be available for broadcasting live!

Jimin posted pictures from his vacation time on Twitter!

Namjoon also posted some pictures on Twitter!

The second vacation vlog was released, featuring Hobi on his trip to LA! You can watch an unofficial English sub version on Channeem Subtitles.

The KwangJuYo BTS Edition ceramics was revealed!

NBC’s Early Today posted posted a clip from a segment about BTS’ economic impact on South Korea. They said some inaccuracies about BTS being on hiatus, but overall it’s a positive mention.

Friday 10/04

The third vacation vlog was released, featuring Namjoon on his trip to Europe! You can watch an unofficial English sub version on Channeem Subtitles.

Weverse announced Bring the Soul: The Movie with commentary by BTS will be released on October 8!

The CNS challenge got its own little segment on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan!

Rolling Stone released an interview with BTS they conducted back in August, and minus the question about military service, it’s actually pretty solid.

iHeart Radio posted a clip of their interview with Hoseok about “Chicken Noodle Soup”!

Hobi posted on Weverse!

Saturday 10/05

102.7 KIIS-FM posted their interview with Hobi and Becky G!

“Chicken Noodle Soup” earned the top spot on the Global YouTube Music Videos Chart!

Upcoming dates:

💜 Jin’s vacation log – 10/7
💜 Taehyung’s vacation log – 10/9
💜 Jimin’s vacation log – 10/10
💜 Jungkook’s vacation log – 10/11
💜 BTS Love Yourself tour in Saudi Arabia – 10/11
💜 Jimin’s birthday – 10/13

Did we miss anything important? Let us know!

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