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BTS ‘Bring The Soul: Docu-Series’ episode 3 quotes: ‘Everything can become burdensome’

In BTS Bring The Soul: Docu-Series episode 3, “Relationship,” the members discuss how they’re feeling halfway through their tour and how their bond holds them together.

The third episode of Bring The Soul: Docu-Series is certainly a gloomy one. With the weight of being away from home for so long, along with the physical endurance they must sustain bringing the BTS members down, they must lean on each other more.

They reflect on what helps to keep them happy in their tough times, and how they worry about each other and rely on each other.

Every member deals with their trials a little differently, but in the end they always have each other.

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Get inspired by these quotes from BTS ‘Bring The Soul: Docu-Series’ episode 3, ‘Relationship’:

“Happiness? How should I put this into words. I’d be embarrassed to say that I’m happy. But to say that I’m not, that doesn’t seem right either. However, if I think of it simply I’m doing something I want. Regardless I’m smiling. Just to think of it simply, that makes me think that I am happy right now.” – Jung Hoseok

“But I’m definitely not certain. Am I really happy? I’m still not confident about questions like these. It still feels like I haven’t found a definite answer.” – Jung Hoseok

“I’ve made it this far, I’ve grown this much. Never thought of those things. When many people come to our concerts, rather than those thoughts, I think ‘I’m just happy,’ I’m able to enjoy this moment with them. Just like a kid, enjoying the moment. In a way, I think it’s better for me at this time to not think too deeply or take things too seriously. Because the moment I feel it everything can become burdensome.” – Kim Seokjin

“It was tough earlier this year. It was hard once I started to doubt and question myself why I’m living like this. I felt negative about all the things I’ve done up until now. What hit me then was it’s important to seek happiness but it all depends on how you think. There’s no hope when you start thinking, ‘What am I doing?’ but when you think, ‘This is fun,’ then it seems like that. That’s what I think. Honestly we all know this already in theory, but the hard part is really thinking that way.” – Park Jimin

“Honestly, this is a matter of quantity and quality. This is how I put it. The festival is short, but the garbage remains long. The festival is short. But the preparation time and the clean up afterward, all the work behind it, it takes a long time. Despite all that, people prepare the festival every year. They wait for it. Honestly there are a lot more difficult moments for people in quantitative aspect. But on the other hand, those happy moments it’s intense. That dopamine. That’s why people can’t forget those moments. It’s so precious.” – Kim Namjoon

“Moments like this, I think are when I’m the happiest. Putting all my energy on the stage, performing with the people I love, and having a drink with those I love. I never knew how to deal with stress, and wasn’t aware of what made me happy. After I debuted, these were my little breathers and pleasure.” – Park Jimin

“Jimin once said, he thinks he’s fortunate being roommates with me. That he’d been lonely at the dorm. After hearing that, I thought I should be there for him. But when staying at hotels it’s kind of nice, gives that sense of freedom. But it can still get lonely at some point since you’re alone.” – Jung Hoseok

“Because you guys were all going through hard times, I was too. Everyone was telling me not to think too much into it. But in my opinion, we are a team and we’ll be together in the future, so how can I not care? I kept saying that’s not a team then.” – Park Jimin

“Loneliness is a given. Spending this much time in a different place away from home and living there for the time being, it’s not easy. But who will understand this loneliness? That, I think, is part of my job. I have to deal with it well. So I always video chat with my family at night. It feels like we’re together.” – Jung Hoseok

“When on a tour, it’s a long project, like a marathon. If we run full speed like a 100-meter race, we can’t complete this race. That’s what a tour is like. We have to run like it’s a 100-meter race but it’s something we’re not supposed to do. We have to allocate our energy.” – Min Yoongi

“Stamina-wise, our performance demands a lot. But what’s more difficult is when there are things ii want to express in the song, and when I couldn’t do so to my hearts content.” – Park Jimin

“We sing a little over twenty songs at concerts, we know we have to exceed the standard anyway. But since we’re unstable with our energy, it’s not that we don’t like going on stage. I don’t think we should perform just because we enjoy it. We need to stick to the fundamentals on the stage, not just to perform for our sake and be content with it since we’re happy. I don’t think that’s the end.” – Jeon Jeongguk

“When it comes to physique, these are friends who are flawless. It’s fair that they give advice and feedback, and if there’s something we need to listen to, we do and we say if there’s something to say. Our roles are distributed very well. I really think, it would’ve been hard if I was adept. In situations like that I need to be humble, and take in the advice. If there is something I need to do in the music part, they listen and take my advice. We definitely have mutual respect.” – Kim Namjoon

“When I’m asked what motivated BTS to get where we’re at now, I feel a bit frustrated. There’s so much room for improvement but we’re only given positive feedback. However, I think we’re slowly but surely getting there. Seven guys together, it’s not easy.” – Kim Namjoon

“We’re showing our fans what they’ve seen on screen, live. If it’s different, there’s no point in holding a concert. It’s a place where we show what we’ve prepared until now.” – Jeon Jeongguk

“After realizing that they might not see us perform our 100%, 120% when it’s only once a year, after thinking that, it felt like I was slapped.” – Kim Seokjin

“BTS must be different. That sense of responsibility can be burdensome but it also helps me a lot. If I just do this, with all my might, then the other six will also do the same.” – Kim Namjoon

BTS Bring The Soul: Docu-Series can be purchased through Weverse for $17.99! Bring The Soul: Docu-Series consists of six episodes that begins August 27, with each episode revealed every Tuesday at 10 a.m. KST/Monday at 9 p.m. EST.

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