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BTS ‘Bon Voyage’ season 3, episode 1 recap: The Bangtan boys head to Malta

BTS Bon Voyage season 3 is finally here! To celebrate, here’s a recap of all the fun moments from the first episode “We are going to Mediterranean Sea!” and the behind the cam footage!

BTS ‘Bon Voyage’ season 3, episode 1 recap:

The episode kicks off with the boys packing/panicking for their trip to Malta! They’re very considerate about what to bring, since in past trips they had issues with their clothes. They also have to make decisions on what other items they want to pack. Yoongi shows off his business cards featuring Shooky, Namjoon decides to bring a portable stereo to enjoy music, and many of them also plan on bringing electric fans to help deal with the heat in Malta. They boys also show off their special B21 pajama sets.

Sadly, only six of the members get to leave together because Taehyung has to stay behind to take care of some personal business. Together Namjoon, Yoongi, Hoseok, Jimin, Jin, and Jungkook head to the airport. Checking in at the airport is relatively easy for the group, until it’s discovered that Jin packed his electronic scooter and batteries aren’t allowed on checked luggage. This means lots of scolding for their Hyung!

After Jin takes care of his baggage issues, they’re finally able to get onto their plane. The members snuggle down and take naps during their 18 hour flight to Malta. When they land at the airport in Malta, they quickly head over to get their rental cars. This is the first trip that they’re not going to be using public transportation and the guys are equally excited and nervous. They’re also amazed at Jin’s english skills when he’s able to get their cars without any help from Namjoon.

Before leaving, they find out about their mission to capture memories of Malta and attach it to the map at their accommodations. They’re given special phones to use for the pictures, a note which has details on where their accommodations are, and of course money! This time, Yoongi decides that someone else should be the financial planner and he nominates Hoseok. Then they’re off to try driving for the first time in Malta!

Jungkook is the driver of the car, and with him is Hoseok and Namjoon. It doesn’t take long for them to get worried about the car though. It’s a bit different from what Jungkook is used to and it sends them into a mini panic.

In the SUV they rented Jin is driving Yoongi and Jimin. They don’t seem to have any issues to start off with but their navigation skills come into question. Yoongi becomes tired of acting as the human tripod for the navigation on the phone, which leads to a little back-and-forth with Jin. Luckily, Jimin is there to help as well.

When it comes time to park, Jungkook gets very nervous when he realizes that his car doesn’t have a rear view camera. That means that he has to try and parallel park without the extra help. After one try and coming too close to the other car, he decides to pull out and try again! When Jin parks he also has a bit of trouble, and has the added pressure of the other guys teasing him along the way.

After that ordeal with the cars, the members decide to walk to the restaurant to refuel. When they arrive, most of the guys are immediately taken with the menu and discuss the options. But Jin takes the chance to chat with some locals in the shade. Once again, he shows off how far his english skills have come as he explains why they’re filming.

When they head into the restaurant, they have to find a table large enough to fit their group. Out of habit, they try to find a spot with seven seats, only to realize that without Taehyung there are only six of them. It makes them miss their seventh member that had to stay back in Korea.

They decide to order six plates and share them as a group, giving Namjoon the job of ordering for them. In a very cute moment they all applaud for their leader who speaks such good english that they’re always in good hands even in foreign countries. They also decide to have a little contest based on when the meals come out, which sparks their first game of Rock, Paper, Scissors on this trip.

Yoongi and Hoseok win the first round of the game and ultimately they win the bet as well, along with Jin. That means that Namjoon, Jimin, and Jungkook are in charge of the luggage for the rest of the day. At the restaurant, the boys also get a mini history lesson from Namjoon about Malta and they fill up on the delicious food before leaving to find their accommodations.

Though the staff gave them notes on the location of where they needed to go, the members still manage to head in the wrong direction. It seems that the heat in Malta has confused them and they head up the hill instead of going down. Eventually Namjoon realizes something is wrong and takes a second look at the directions from the staff. They begin to think that they’re heading in the wrong direction and want to go back.

But even after looking at the map and clues, the group is still divided on which way they’re supposed to be going. Jimin and Jin decide to go one way while the rest follow Namjoon’s suggestion and head back from the way that they came. Though Namjoon does take most of the members back in the right direction they still get confused on where they’re supposed to go.

Eventually everyone ends up in the right spot and they discover that their accommodations are right on the water. It’s a bit hidden from the streets and a beautiful spot for them to relax for the rest of the trip in Malta.

If the first episode of Bon Voyage season 3 is any indication, this might be the most fun trip yet. The cars add in a new element that’s sure to lead to more funny moments with the guys. I’m looking forward to seeing where they’ll go next in Malta and what happens when they’re reunited with Taehyung!

BTS ‘Bon Voyage’ season 3, behind cam episode 1 recap:

More behind the scenes of packing is revealed with Namjoon! Apparently he wants to look less “grubby” this season and is sure to pack the essentials to staying fresh. Including his hair care products, face creams, sun creams, and of course his headband for washing up.

Taehyung also shows himself packing a new film camera and says that he wants to get lots of practice with it at Malta.

Hoseok goes to the airport with the maknae’s and makes Jungkook set up his camera. Of course Jungkook has no issues with the camera and schools Hoseok.

While in the other car, Jin asks Namjoon about their trip to Malta. Their leader reveals he’s looking forward to visiting the blue lagoons. When Jin comments, “that’s cute” they begin to tease him for mishearing Namjoon. I guess Jin thinks blue raccoons are a thing?

At the airport, the guys give a rundown of their airport fashion. Including Jimin’s stylish outfit, compared with Jin’s comfortable jeans and BT21 gear.

And what trip would be complete without their ramen? Jin gets Hoseok to go on the hunt for a store to buy some ramen cups for when they need a quick meal on the trip. But Jin says he doesn’t have his wallet with him so Hoseok ends up forking over the money.

While Yoongi realizes that he and Jungook are matching and accuses the golden maknae of copying him. This makes Jimin realize that he’s the only one wearing white and feels left out as Yoongi and Kookie admired their clothes.

Jin and Hoseok locate a big character in the airport and stop to take pictures with it. So J-Hope decides to force Jin to dance, only to say he’s embarrassing and ditch him.

Hoseok, Jin, and Jimin also test out the different angles they can use with their camera’s. Jin says he looks handsome from any angle while J-Hope complains he looks odd. Which sparks Jimin to tease him and J-Hope to snap back!

Then the boys are off to start the first round of flying, which leads to napping. Food breaks commence when they land and then they’re off to get to catch their next flight.

Somehow Jimin gets stuck carrying all of the ramen that Hoseok bought for the group. But he promises to pass it off to Yoongi next. When Yoongi gives a soft reply, the group loses it because they’re so used to being ignored by him.

Then there’s more airport fashion to show off while they wait around. They catch a bus, then board their flight, and Jimin bothers Jungkook a little bit before they take off.

As soon as they land, the heat and sunlight becomes their top worry. Having dealt with sunburns on past trips they don’t want it to happen again. Before anything else they break out the sunscreen and go crazy with it. Jimin gets a bit carried away while helping Jungkook, and Jungkook helps his twin Yoongi out nicely.

At the restaurant in Malta, Jimin teases Yoongi for getting pepper in his nose on accident. Which leads them into a little back and forth, and Jimin tries to win Yoongi’s love back with finger hearts.

Then the group talks more about Taehyung and looking forward to horseback riding. And how much money they were given for meals and actives, which leads everyone to thanking Hoseok for buying ramen so they don’t go hungry.

While walking around, they guys get hot and decide to stop for drinks. And they show a montage of Yoongi becoming obsessed with getting a milkshake.

Where to watch BTS ‘Bon Voyage’ season 3:

Fans can watch BTS Bon Voyage season 3 online on the BTS V Live here. This season consists of eight full episodes, eight behind cam episodes, and two bonus clips which can be purchased as a package for 900 coins (which equals $17.73).

You can also watch BTS Bon Voyage season 3, episode 0 for free! The video is less than eight minutes long and shows the group on set of the “Idol” music video and their celebration afterwards where they learn about where they are heading on vacation.

BTS Bon Voyage season 3 , episode 2, “Hello, Malta!” will air on Sep 25 at 9:00 p.m. KST/8:00 a.m. EST!

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