10:15 am EDT, April 25, 2019

BTS and TXT appeared on ‘M Countdown’ and proved that the Big Hit family is too adorable

BTS and TXT fans have had their prayers answered as we got to see them interacting on stage together for the first time!

TXT had their comebacks stage for “Cat & Dog” on the show and proved that the choreography is even more amazing live than it is in the official music video!

They really did an amazing job and I’m excited to see how they’ll do with it as they get even more used to performing it live.

BTS was there to perform “Boy With Luv” featuring black haired Kim Taehyung out here to ruin us all. As usual they killed it, and won the show!

Unsurprisingly, BTS had already planned out their encore stage for the win and in their usual chaotic fashion decided that it was time for the maknae line to literally carry their hyungs.

But that’s not all that fans got to witness! TXT was told to stay on stage and ended up celebrating with BTS after their sunbaenim’s refused to let them stay in the background.

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TXT’s leader Soobin even got to have an interaction with his favorite hyung from BTS when Jin approached him to pat him on the back. And then they went into a loop of bowing to each other which just melted everyone’s hearts.

BTS’ Jungkook and Taehyung were also sure to make their hoobae’s got the chance to interact with them on stage. Grabbing their hands, hugging them, and encouraging them to dance along to the encore performance of “Boy With Luv.”

BTS’ Hoseok got into the fun too, and showed TXT’s Yeonjun some of the dance moves from “Boy With Luv” so he could show them off. We love our dance kings.

Adorably, BTS’ Jin also tried to get the TXT boys to sing along and handed them his mic. But the babies were clearly overwhelmed and kept trying to pass the mic around so Jin just laughed and ended up letting them hand it back over over to him.

It’s obvious that both the groups were very excited to be on the stage together for the first time and we’re all living for these interactions! Maybe we’ll be lucky and get to see this happen again soon while they’re both on tour in America?

This also makes us extremely hopeful that the rumors are true that BTS will be appearing on TXT’s reality show that is rumored to be airing over the summer.

So many things to hope and pray for!

What was your favorite part of seeing BTS and TXT together on stage?

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