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‘Twilight’ transformations: How the trio has changed

With Breaking Dawn Part 2 hitting theaters today, the final installment in the Twilight franchise is upon us, and this chapter of Bella, Edward, and Jacob’s stories will come to a close. See how far they’ve come from the first movie with our graphics detailing their journey!

Twilight introduced us to Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, and the enticing love story that would blossom between them. New Moon took our protagonists in two different directions, while Jacob became more prominent in Bella’s life. Eclipse saw Bella struggling with her feelings for both Jacob and Edward, but by the end she had chosen her man.

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Breaking Dawn Part 1 gave us the Swan-Cullen wedding and a shocking pregnancy, while Part 2 will show us Renesmee and the final confrontation with the Volturi.

See how each member of the trio grew and transformed over the course of The Twilight Saga below.

Bella transforms from a clumsy girl into a battle-ready vampire

Bella came so far from those first scenes where we saw her leaving her mom and the beloved Arizona desert behind. Seeing her amongst the soggy citizens of Forks made her seem even more out of place, but by the time we see her in the final film, she has become everything she never was: a mother, a wife, and a strong, confident, graceful woman.

Edward transforms from a loner into a man fighting for his family

Edward’s arc was compelling because we could see the obvious influence that Bella had on him. In the beginning, he struggled with everything: his craving for Bella’s blood, his longing to be with her, and his insatiable need to protect her. No one will deny that Edward took a few turns down the wrong path, but Breaking Dawn sees him back on track. His confidence in Bella and his love for his family drive him to do anything in his power to keep them safe.

Jacob transforms from a young boy into a decisive leader

Poor Jacob probably had to endure the most out of the three. He began as just a normal boy, not quite content that his feelings for Bella went unanswered, but unable to do much to convince her otherwise. Then, soon enough, he discovered his lot in life: to be a werewolf in order to protect the townspeople from vampires. Though his timing and his methods were never quite perfect, his actions always came from his heart. He learned to accept Bella’s decision, as hard as it was to bear, and in the end Jacob finds the person he was always meant to be with.

The Twilight Saga’s lasting effect

The saga’s lasting influence on its fans comes down to the effect these three characters had on all of us as we watched them change and grow as people. As fans watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 this weekend, they’ll be left with a bittersweet taste in their mouths. As the saga comes to a close, it’s been a wild ride to say the least – from the first film smashing box office records to revolutionizing the term “midnight premiere.” We’ve all transformed a bit in these last five years and whether you were a fan or not, you have to admit that these films had an enormous impact in the film industry and, more importantly, pop culture.

Countless fan sites and even new words (“twihard”) were created during this time. Fans battled between Team Edward and Team Jacob as the books were released. People lined up hours in advance for midnight screenings. As we report on casting news for 50 Shades, it’s crazy to think that this all started because of these books and the subsequent films, where a fan-fiction of the original material was also able to turn into a pop culture phenomenon.

The lasting influence is already being seen, and will continue to be seen as the credits roll this weekend on Breaking Dawn Part 2. This trio, like others before it, will remain with us. And it will continue as we see franchises like The Hunger Games and The Mortal instruments go on to succeed.

We hope you enjoy Twilight’s finale. Be sure to read Hypable’s review of Breaking Dawn Part 2 and take a look at some characters that you might recognize from the new film.

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