Hypable and Kaleb Nation spoke to The Twilight Saga screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg at the premiere of Breaking Dawn – Part 2 in Los Angeles last night. Rosenberg is probably one of the most in-the-know people of the Saga, given she wrote all five films.

With the story now complete, we wanted to know which of the films was her favorite. “This is my favorite, because it was the most fun to write. It has the most humor, the most action. Eclipse was another one that had a lot of great drive and a lot of humor.”

We then asked about Breaking Dawn – Part 2’s ending which spends time sending off Edward and Bella. “There isn’t anything in the movie that isn’t in the book. Because everything is Bella’s point of view, she’ll often hear about something after the fact, but I get to go and see it – like when Jacob tells Charlie he was a werewolf. I got to go there and it was so much fun.”

Midway through the interview, Summit/Lionsgate’s President of Production Eric Feig greeted Rosenberg much to her surprise. The two then recounted how Feig first brought Rosenberg on board for Twilight. “Someone was just asking me, how did this all begin for me? I remember it very clearly,” said the screenwriter. “I was at a friend’s house, got a phone call from Eric who said, ‘How do you feel about teens and vampires?'”

From there, Feig explained that after working with Rosenberg on Step Up, they wanted to gauge her interest in Stephenie Meyer’s vampire book. “We had a great experience [on Step Up],” said Feig. “When we first got involved with Twilight, we needed someone who could capture the voices, who could write teens and make it feel real and really find the emotion. Melissa was the only person I called.”

Watch the full video interview below:

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 opens in theaters this Friday. Earlier this morning we shared with you our interview with Twilight producer Wyck Godfrey, who told us he’s seen the film twenty times and has cried every time.

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