Breaking Bad season 6, episode 4/season 5, episode 12 titled “Rabid Dog” airs tonight. Read a synopsis, see a preview, and learn how to watch online!

According to the official Breaking Bad season 6, episode 4 synopsis provided by AMC, in tonight’s story “an unusual strategy starts to bear fruit, while plans are set in motion that could change everything.”

The plot description is obviously very cryptic, and the show runners write these as such so that it’s nearly impossible to discern clues. The past couple of synopses for the season thus far have been borderline misleading because they don’t offer any hint until you see new developments within the episode itself.

If one thing is for sure, we know that at the start of the episode we’ll see what Jesse does to the White family home. Walt may be able to get back in time to talk him down from causing chaos. The confrontation should be intense because Walt will be facing an absolutely livid Jesse who’s already fed up with the cook.

Two photos and a video trailer offer modest glimpses into the episode:

'Breaking Bad' season 6, episode 4 - Marie

'Breaking Bad' season 6, episode 4 - Walt

Watch ‘Breaking Bad’ online

To watch new episodes of Breaking Bad season 5/season 6 live online, AMC does not offer free online streams so you must watch using your cable provider’s online portal or via your standard cable box. AMC did release the premiere episode online for free.

Those in the United Kingdom can watch tonight’s new episode of Breaking Bad by loading up Netflix immediately after it airs in the United States.

Following tonight’s new episode, Hypable will have a detailed recap and analysis to discuss what occurred in the story. Stay tuned!

What do you think will happen in tonight’s new ‘Breaking Bad’?

Update: Check out our recap and analysis of Breaking Bad season 5, episode 12.

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