It’s not a Pixar film without classic Easter eggs that the studio has included in nearly all of its 13 films.

But fans were unsure, for example, how Brave would include the legendary Pizza Planet truck (which originated in Toy Story and has been in every Pixar film since) in a story set in ancient Scotland.

I consulted my Twitter followers after I saw the film myself and disappointingly missed ’em all.

Here’s what we collectively found:

The Pizza Planet truck: In the wood shop in front of the The Witch played by Julie Walters when she yells, “Wood carver!”

A113: To be determined (sound off in the comments)

John Ratzenberger: Gordon the Guard

The Luxo Ball: To be determined (sound off in the comments)

After credits: Possibly a first for Pixar, after the credits you’ll find an additional scene related to Merida’s ordering of all the wooden carvings from The Witch.

A character from the next Pixar film: To be determined. Presumably this would be a character from 2013’s Monsters University. However, @WisdomofPixar believes they saw Newt, who was the lead character in a now-canceled Pixar film of the same name. “Look for Newt during a scene where ingredients are being mixed. He’s only on screen for a second or so & no close up,” they write.

Brave director Mark Andrews confirmed several months ago that “everything” would be included. At this point, it’s just a matter of finding them all!

Did you spot any Easter eggs in the film that we didn’t list here?

And for extra fun, check out this Brave Easter egg found in Cars 2 last year:

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