‘Bones’ recap: 8×07 ‘The Bod in the Pod’

9:00 am EST, November 20, 2012

Bones‘ episode “The Bod in the Pod” looked at the business of crime scene clean-up in what seemed to be a filler episode. After last week’s emotional and heartfelt “The Patriot in Purgatory,” it was a letdown in terms of plot and quality. What follows is a recap, so naturally spoilers are included from this episode.

Reminiscent of Hurricane Sandy, Bones opened with a garbage barge washing a decomposed body onto the beach. Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) theorizes that the victim is one of the pod people. Meanwhile Cam (Tamara Taylor) reveals that she’s broken up with her daughter’s gynecologist and reveals to Angela (Michaela Conlin) that she is dating someone else. Refusing to reveal information, Cam tries to keep her private life separate from her professional life.

Dr. Vaziri (Pej Vahdat) feeds Hodgins’ excitement about the possible pod person as they attempt to untangle the body. So excited, Hodgins faints, as Dr. Brennan (Emily Deschanel) teases him for his reaction to carbon dioxide. Vaziri (Pej Vahdat) reveals that the victim’s teeth were smashed out.

Back at the Brennan-Booth house, Sweets (John Francis Daley) theorizes as to why the teeth were smashed out. Brennan asks Booth (David Boreanaz) and Sweets to refrain from talking about the case as they try to keep work and home separate. Do you think this works if a couple works together? Meanwhile, Brennan reveals she is writing a children’s book. What do you think it should be on, besides murder?

Dr. Vaziri’s (Pej Vahdat) talent for poetry is revealed in his new book of poems in Farsi. The victim is identified as Lucky, a crime scene cleaner, who had an affair with a supervisor at a Lumber store, and had promised to leave his wife. As his fourth wife, Lucky’s wife was aware of his philandering ways, but put up with it due to her desire for her son Davey to have a father figure.

Angela narrows down the possible murder weapons, while Brennan reveals that Dr. Vaziri’s (Pej Vahdat) poem was both beautiful and sexual. He started writing in 1997 in his first year at the University of Tehran, where he was expelled for his writings and became a political exile. It is always interesting to have more of the squinterns’ backgrounds fleshed out on Bones.

Sweets interviews Davey, who idolized Lucky and who works for his company. Sweets tries to get Davey into incriminating his mother. Instead Davey points him to the owner of Grim Sweeper Cleaning.

Sweets then interviews Carville, the owner of Grim Sweeper Cleaning, who previously had a lawsuit against Lucky. Lucky and Carville were to join companies, despite Davey’s reluctance. Carville issues a challenge for Brennan to find any blood on his tools that is Lucky’s, considering he is a crime scene cleaner.

Cam asks if Vaziri wrote a poem for her in his book. He has, and then recites in Farsi, in a truly romantic retelling. They make quite an interesting but unexpected pairing. Hodgins interrupts them as Cam chases after him to keep quiet.

In a rare instance, Brennan works off of a hunch that Carville is the killer as he presented a challenge to her. Hodgins pinpoints the place of the crime as Vaziri begs Hodgins to stay silent, saying his life was in his hands.

With no qualms about arguing in front of murder suspect Davey, Brennan and Booth debate who they believe killed Lucky. Davey reveals that he was sent home as Lucky wanted to invite a woman over to the site. Lucky’s mistress Renee reveals she delivered flooring but went home.

As Hodgins mistranslates one of Vaziri’s poems on the rooftop, Hodgins and Angela spy Vaziri and Cam making out outside of the Jeffersonian. They agree to keep the secret between them.

Booth is convinced that Brennan’s hunch about Carville is right after talking to him. The FBI and Jeffersonian team tear the place apart trying to look for something the Grim Sweeper missed in his clean-up but with no luck.

Booth leaves Sweets in charge of Baby Christine at 3 a.m. while he and Brennan go off on a lead. What we wouldn’t give for a scene of Sweets babysitting Christine. Using a hairdryer trick she learned from a shaman, Brennan makes blood rise to the surface.

Angela discovers a pattern based on the density of the blood due to the compression of an artificial knee. The money from the home invasion was found in Carville’s home and Brennan gleefully declares “Gotcha” in celebration.

Angela and Hodgins enjoy a romantic night, continuing to mistranslate Vaziri’s poems. Brennan tries to figure out why she knew Carville was the killer, and ends up revealing a few reasons on why she loves Booth. Cam and Dr. Vaziri worry about who knows, as she still wants to keep it a secret from everyone at the Jeffersonian.

This episode was not the strongest of the season. Where do you think this season of Bones is going? What’s the major arc? Where you expecting Dr. Vaziri and Cam to get together?

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Best Line of the Episode: “Do not fall into the evidence Dr. Hodgins. It will only add to your humiliation.” (Brennan to Hodgins)

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