10:20 am EDT, May 14, 2018

The Bluth family of ‘Arrested Development’ campaign for family of the year

We first met the Bluths when Arrested Development premiered in 2013, and though they may be terrible people, that won’t stop them from their tireless campaign to win the title of Family of the Year.

Life got a bit intense for the Bluth family after the events of season 4 of Arrested Development. Cinco de Cuatro proved to be a bit of a jarring ride for the Bluths, with Lucille Two’s bleak-looking disappearance.

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However, that isn’t going to stop the Bluths from reaching for greatness. Ever the (sort-of) activist, season 5 will bring Lindsay Bluth’s run for Congress. In an attempt to help her secure the coveted Congressional seat, the Bluths set out to win the title of Family of the Year.

Netflix released a video of the family’s campaign efforts, and the Ron Howard-narrated clip reminds us just what a… unique bunch the Bluths are.

As Howard says at the close of the video, the Bluths are definitely terrible people, but they’re running for Family of the Year nonetheless. Despite the Bluths not being shining lights of morality in civilization, they’ve got a pretty good chance at winning. After all, the award comes from the Austero-Bluth Company and all winners are approved by the Bluths themselves, so I think they’re going to be real contenders this year.

Of course, we don’t know which families (if any) the Bluths are facing down this year, and depending on the actual fate of Lucille Two, there could always be a late-in-the-game wrench thrown into the Bluth’s “fool-proof” plan to win. We’ll just have to wait for Arrested Development to hit Netflix to see how the family fares.

Arrested Development season 5 premieres on Netflix on May 29, so be sure you’re caught up!

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