A new spoiler about a fan favourite relationship on a popular television show has us all speculating: which couple is taking an important step forward soon?

E! Online has brought us this great little tidbit, which is sure to have us theorising for a while!

They reveal that, “Two characters on one of our favorite shows are finally going to do the nasty. Soon! And it is going to come at you outta nowhere.” As far as we can tell, this means that they have not had sex before.

A few more clues are given about the identity of the couple. It is a part of the show’s main love triangle, and has both a big following and plenty of haters in the fandom. And it is described as having been “slowly building for a long time.”

There are so many couples this spoiler could be referring to. But here are our three best guesses:

Damon/Elena, The Vampire Diaries

Delena Damon Elena The Vampire Diaries

The couple which immediately sprang to mind for the Hypable staff members was Damon and Elena from The Vampire Diaries. Following last night’s episode, in which Elena admitted her feelings for Damon and broke up with Stefan, this one is looking very likely! We have to wait a few weeks for the next episode of the show, but the promotional images released for “My Brother’s Keeper” definitely hint at a big Delena moment. Could this be what E! is hinting at?!

Jeff/Annie, Community

Jeff Annie Community

Then of course there is another drawn out romance, this one on NBC: Community‘s Jeff and Annie have been dancing around each other for a while, and when the show enters its fourth season (soon – though we still don’t know exactly when), maybe the pair will finally give their starstruck romance a chance?

Jess/Nick, New Girl

Jess Nick New Girl

Some people might also point to New Girl, which while only in its second season has already been building up Jess/Nick for a while. The writers have said many times that they want to draw out the inevitable romance for as long as possible, but maybe enough is finally enough? After all, the infamous Ross/Rachel romance from Friends originally began in the second season of the show, and they still managed to keep the romantic tension going for all 10 years of the series’ run.

So now it’s your turn! Do you think one of our suggestions is going to be the correct one, or do you have another couple is right? Vote in the poll and share your suggestions in the comments below:

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