Black Lightning 1×06 “Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder” airs Tuesday, February 27. We have five spoiler-free teases for the episode.

The synopsis for “Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder” reads:

TO RIGHT THE WRONGS – Jefferson (Cress Williams) is on the hunt for his father’s killer, while Anissa (Nafessa Williams) uses her new powers to rectify a wrong after a protest fails. Jennifer (China Anne McClain) grapples with some difficult choices. Elsewhere, Gambi (James Remar) begs for help from Lynn (Christine Adams). Damon Gupton and Marvin Jones III also star. The episode was written by Charles Holland and directed by Benny Boom (#106). Original airdate 2/27/2018.

Here are five teases for the episode:

Jefferson targets Tobias

In the previous episode, Jefferson learned that Tobias, the man who killed his father, is still around. “Three Sevens” features a flashback to a young Jefferson watching his father’s murder, providing his motivation for becoming Black Lightning in the first place.

The episode also forces Jefferson and those closest to him to contemplate what it would mean for Jefferson to kill Tobias; seeking justice for Freeland is one thing, but murder, even of a villain, is something else entirely.

Jefferson and Lynn’s relationship gets more complicated

As Gambi continues to call Lynn for medical help for Jefferson (he’d collapsed in an alley at the end of the previous episode), Lynn grows increasingly frustrated with being pulled back into the life of a relationship with a vigilante. And as Jefferson takes aim at Tobias’s life, she’s forced to contemplate what it would mean for the father of her children to be a killer.

More than that, though, Lynn still loves Jefferson. And her feelings about Jefferson being Black Lightning are more complicated than just her fear for his life. The dynamic between Lynn and Jefferson remains one of the most honest and real and messy of the series.

Anissa makes a choice

Reflecting the real life controversy over Confederate statues, “Three Sevens” sees Anissa taking part in a protest over a statue in Freeland. After being arrested and lectured by Jefferson, Anissa makes a choice: to use her powers to do something about the statue.

However, when that doesn’t go as planned, she decides to ask for help.

Jennifer and Khalil are struggling

Neither Khalil nor Jennifer are doing too well in the wake of his paralysis. Jennifer is struggling with the fact that staying with Khalil means losing out on a lot of the dreams she had for a normal high school relationship — and the guilt that comes from those totally normal feelings. The bullying of fellow teenagers is not helping.

Khalil, meanwhile, lashes out at Jennifer in his physical and emotional pain. He’s embittered and broken by what happened, and unfortunately the person he’s letting in to help is not Jennifer.

Gambi becomes more mysterious

From the beginning, Gambi has been a mysterious figure in Black Lightning. In many ways, he’s come across like Jefferson’s Alfred. But as the episodes have played out, we’ve seen him keeping secrets from Jefferson and investigating events on his own. In the previous episode, Tobias confronted him in his shop, showing a connection between the two men.

That mystery only heightens in this episode, as we see Gambi interacting with an unexpected figure and showing a history with that person.

Black Lightning 1×06 “Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder” airs Tuesday, February 27 at 9:00 p.m. ET on The CW.

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