3:00 pm EST, February 19, 2018

‘Big Little Lies’ season 2: How about the other moms?

If you found yourself gawking over the bounty of magnificent actresses that Big Little Lies season 1 had playing periphery characters, you are not alone.

It’s hard not to be impressed when the cast of a series includes Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, and Laura Dern, who have a bevy of Oscar and Emmy noms among them, but you really shouldn’t overlook the quality actresses that make up the host of other moms on the show.

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Each of these ladies appeared a few times interacting with our main players, but their biggest season 1 contributions came in the form of those police interview clips. Since much of the detail behind season 2 remains a mystery, we don’t know if there will be further interviews and investigations into the events of the Big Little Lies season 1 finale, and it would be a shame to lose the talents of these incredible actresses.

While the first season was one hell of an accomplishment, I fall in the camp of people that are very excited to be getting more of this fantastic world. While the main storylines will surely surround the main players from season 1, we would love to see some of the fantastic actresses that play the other moms get a shot at more screen time, too. Check out who makes up the rest of the mommy pack, and how we’d love to see them get more involved.

The other moms…

Kelen Coleman as Harper Stimson

Harper involved herself in the main plotlines in season 1, but we think there is so much more going on with her than just a busybody who wants to cozy up to Queen Bee Renata. Why does she want Renata’s approval so badly? Has she always been second fiddle to a queen bee? And, most importantly, what would she do to take Renata’s place at the top?

We can totally see her stirring up trouble as Renata, Madeline, Celeste, Bonnie, and Jane have seemingly made peace. Harper is totally the kind to be unhappy without a plethora of drama in her life, so if others aren’t supplying it, she’d totally cook some up herself.

Kathreen Khavari as Samantha

Samantha was one of my favorite ladies to see on camera. She brought a lot of honesty and truth to her hilarious commentary on the events of season 1, and I would love to learn more about Samantha and her family. Perhaps her youngster gets paired up with Chloe or Ziggy for a school project and the kids get into some sort of hijinks?

However it happens, we just want to see more of Samantha in season 2. Period.

Sarah Baker as Thea Cunningham

Another of our favorite interviewees was Ms. Sarah Baker. She was never short on hilarious one-liners and brought a bit of flair to just about anything she was offering commentary on. I would kill to see her and Renata forced together for some fundraising event, and ending up at each other’s throats over their competing visions.

We know Renata cares a lot about veterans as she was preparing a fundraiser for that during season 1. Maybe Sarah steps in to help and chaos ensues. We are totally on board.

Hong Chau as Jackie

A 2018 Golden Globe nominee for her work in Downsizing, Hong Chau is one hell of a comedic actress. She may have only gotten to utilize her comedic chops in Big Little Lies season 1 sparingly, but thank goodness we have season 2 to dive deeper into what she has to offer the show.

Whether she volunteers to host a talent show for the kids, or just provides more brilliant commentary on the hierarchy of the moms of Monterey, we definitely want to see more of her in Big Little Lies season 2.

Sarah Burns as Gabrielle

Last, but most certainly never least, is the always pregnant and always eavesdropping Gabrielle. Played by Sarah Burns, we know that she is no stranger to dramatic arcs for her characters, as she had a significant turn on How to Get Away with Murder season 2.

We can only imagine what she would do with the ultimate gossip about the main players. If she learned about Perry’s abusive behavior, Ziggy’s true parentage, or Madeline’s affair, there would be hell to pay. We could definitely see her starting some trouble in season 2.

Which secondary characters would you love to see step into a primary role in ‘Big Little Lies’ season 2?

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