11:45 am EDT, November 7, 2014

‘Big Hero 6’s’ after-credits scene: Recognize that man?

Like every Marvel movie, Big Hero 6 includes an after-credits scene that will make sitting through the credits worth your time.

You’ve grown accustomed to after-credits scenes over the past few years thanks primarily to Marvel movies. The first Marvel after-credits scene arrived in 2008’s Iron Man when we were introduced to Nick Fury.

Six years later fans are still loving after-credits scenes because they introduce fun easter eggs which often times hint towards what lies ahead for a franchise.

The Big Hero 6 after-credits scene is actually set up earlier in the film when we see that Fred’s father, according to a family portrait hanging on the wall of his mansion, appears to be comic genius Stan Lee.

After the credits we return to Fred’s house where he’s once again admiring the portrait of his father and reflecting on how cool it is that he’s now a super hero. The character, voiced by TJ miller, begins to lean on the picture which activates a hidden passageway. In it Fred finds his father – alive! It looks like his father has been hiding in here with an assortment of weapons and high tech gadgetry.

His father – again, a Stan Lee lookalike – agrees that you can get four days of usage out of one pair of underwear. Then the two family members decide that they have a lot to talk about. The excitement ends there.

The role of the father was voiced by Lee.

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Often times an after-credits scene can set up a sequel, but in this case, we don’t think so. Stan Lee would have to have a larger appearance in a Big Hero 6 sequel, and we don’t believe he’s interested in a co-starring role in any of the Marvel films. Nonetheless, it’s cute to see the father and son reunite.

While the after-credits scene didn’t set up a sequel, the rest of the movie clearly did. Big Hero 6 told an origin story in which six super heroes were birthed right before our eye. A sequel – and yes, we have to think there will be one – could see the team taking on new adventures with their wonderful, kid-friendly mantra: Don’t kill.

The best part of a sequel will be the fact that there will be less world-building required. We’ll be able to jump straight into the action and watch the team take on the bad guys.

What did you think of the ‘Big Hero 6’ after-credits scene?

We haven’t had a chance to go back and look around the film for easter eggs, but we expect Disney will release a few screenshots of hidden gems like they have for their animated films in previous years. Clearly, this Stan Lee cameo was the most obviously easter egg they included in the film. If you saw any, let us know in the comments!

Big Hero 6 opened in theaters Friday, November 7.

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