9:05 pm EDT, July 8, 2015

‘Big Brother’ season 17, episode 7 highlights: Planting the seed

The week 2 Power of Veto competition has been held! Here are the highlights from Big Brother season 17, episode 7!

1. Audrey gets paranoid

With no one talking to Audrey after the big blowup, she’s worried that there’s a plan to backdoor her. So of course she starts eavesdropping on others talking. But the problem is half the house thinks the plan is to backdoor Audrey and the other half know Shelli’s real plan.

2. Power of Veto competition

This week Shelli, John, Da’Vonne, Clay (Shelli’s houseguest choice), Meg, and Steve get picked to compete. Jackie gets picked as the host for the competition. The competition is Kathy Griffin centered, and they have to listen to a list of items that Kathy is demanding, and figure out which item her assistant is missing. John ends up winning the Power of Veto.

3. Shelli spreads her plan

With John holding the Power of Veto, Shelli starts freaking out about what her plan should be. She tells Becky and Vanessa that she wants to get rid of Da’Vonne. Her next step is to ask John not to use his Power of Veto on himself. Of course John says he’s going to use it himself. So Shelli asks Liz to go up as the new pawn.

4. Austin plants a seed

Austin wants to save Liz from going up on the block. So he decides to spread a lie that Meg has been whispering to others at night about going after Shelli and Clay. He tells this to Vanessa who tells Shelli. When Shelli asks him specifics he does a good job of staying vague. Austin makes the excellent point that if they put up Meg than their group will have to choice between two of their alliances.

5. Power of Veto ceremony

No surprise, John uses the Power of Veto to take himself off of the block. Shelli decides to name Meg as the renomination in the hopes that the house will evict Da’Vonne.

What were your favorite moments from ‘Big Brother’ season 17, episode 7?

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