‘Big Bang Theory’ star Mayim Bialik recovering from recent car accident

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2:00 pm EST, August 23, 2012

Mayim Bialik, Emmy nominated star of The Big Bang Theory, was in a serious car accident on Aug. 15 that left her right hand severely injured. The details on what exactly happened are unavailable, but the actress was taken straight to the hospital and into surgery.

She was able to keep all her fingers and has even blogged about the fact that she can move and feel all of them.

Bialik was on her way home after working on the set of The Big Bang Theory and taping an episode of The Soup. She was only hospitalized briefly and was even able to be back at work the next day. Executive Producer Bill Prady tweeted the following on August 16: “Stopped by the stage this morning. @missmayim hard at work and all is well.” Bialik confirmed that she will not miss any episodes as the production team on the show will work around her injury. Fans will remember in 2010 when Kaylee Cuoco, who plays Penny, broke her foot and missed out on two episodes of the show. The writers were able to adapt her character’s positions and movement to hide the fact that she had been injured. The same will be done with Bialik’s injury.

Proving just how determined she is to make things work, Bialik was able to attend a reception for Emmy Nominees last Monday night. She walked the red carpet with a smile on her face while sporting a cast on her right hand. The very next day she was on set again, this time for the first taping of the show since her accident. The episode that was filmed will be the second episode of the season.

To read more on Mayim’s Accident, visit her blog.

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