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The best YouTube channels for those obsessed with TV and movies

Let’s be real, that’s all of us.

When you are a TV and movie lover it’s hard to resist hearing a good fan theory about your favorite show, or a rant about the mistakes of the newest movie release. From dreaming you were within the movie world to learning what it exactly takes to create that dream world, here are the best YouTube channels about TV and movies.

Binging with Babish

Ever see a delicious meal in a movie or TV show and wish you could jump into the scene and grab a bite? Well, fellow movie lover and cook, Andrew Rea, decided to put his two loves together.

With a tagline “Eat what you watch,” Binging with Babish takes the food from TV shows and movies and takes you step-by-step how to recreate it yourself. From the Viennese strudel in Inglorious Basterds to Ross’s ultimate Thanksgiving sandwich, “The Moistmaker” from Friends this YouTube series is a must watch. The host, Andrew, is funny and clever and not only do you get to see these wonderful creations come to life, you also learn a few cooking tricks or two!

The Film Theorists

Overanalyzing movies and TV is a must for obsessed fans of all types. MatPat’s The Film Theorists channel is full of amazing and eye opening theories that are fun, engaging, and remarkably researched.

From possibly ruining your childhood by looking into weird and often gruesome Disney and Pixar theories (see Walle) to Rick and Morty to pretty much any franchise you can think of, this channel gives it all. Also, his original channel The Game Theorists is equally enjoyable for video game fans.


Similar to The Film Theorists, Screen Rant is also all about the theories and those smilingly insignificant details in movies. For Marvel and Star Wars fans especially, this YouTube channel is an example that no movie detail goes unnoticed.

Screen Rant most popular videos include finding editing mistakes, hidden Easter eggs, making sequel predictions and finding neat deleted scenes most people are unaware of.


Do mistakes in movies drive you up the wall? Whether it’s mistakes in continuity, timeline, or editing, this YouTube channel is for you. This series has host Jeremy who counts “movie sins” and according to this channel, “No movie, good or bad, is without sin. Sins also includes movie tropes and cliches.”

For even more movie sins, discussions and reviews, check out their second channel, CinemaSins Jeremy, or their podcast, the SinCast.

Every Frame a Painting

While hunkering down to flesh out your favorite fan theories, or rant over a movie’s timeline goof, Every Frame a Painting takes a route of art and beauty. Films are an art form and professional video editor Tony Zhou is here to express that to you. In form of video essays, Zhou describes his series as “dedicated to the analysis of film form. Pictures and sound all the way, baby.” As a huge fan of movies, but also having his industrial expertise, Zhou gives this series a more clear and formal understanding of filmmaking.

What favorite YouTube channel would you add to the reel?

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