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Netflix’s best couples who definitely ‘Netflix and chill’

Shipping is one of the great joys of fandom, and the best Netflix couples know how to keep the romance alive.

One of the best parts about Netflix original series are all the great characters. With the creative freedom allowed on streaming platforms, shows include many complex, dynamic, and captivating people.

With so many interesting characters, there is bound to be a little romance. Or, in some cases, a lot of romance. Whether they’re having a Netflix and chill date or fighting demogorgons, these are ships we love almost as much as they love each other.

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Here are six of our favorite couples from Netflix original shows.

Nancy and Jonathan — ‘Stranger Things’

stranger things best netflix couples

Nancy and Jonathan had a slow burn romance in season 1 that felt like it lasted for years. When Nancy and Steve broke up in season 2 (and he went off to be supermom), Nancy and Jonathan were finally able to connect.

Jonathan is a deeply empathetic and emotional person. His sensitivity helps Nancy through some seriously rough times. Throughout Stranger Things, Nancy has become a badass lady, stepping up to fight for and protect what she loves. Their commitment to the ones they love makes their bond strong.

They might not have time to chill, what with all the fighting monsters they do, but their love can withstand it all.

Best Episode: 2×06, “The Spy”

Elizabeth and Philip — ‘The Crown’

the crown elizabeth philip netflix

Okay, so technically these lovebirds don’t Netflix and chill. Netflix wasn’t exactly around when their romance played out. They still find plenty of ways to have a little romance. Their time in Africa in season 1 felt especially romantic. It showed the joy and light in their relationship.

While they’re still in Africa, the news of Elizabeth’s father’s death put darkness between them. That complicated power dynamic fuels their relationship throughout the series. It doesn’t always have that romantic joy they had in Africa, but it still has love.

Even though their relationship hit more rocky territory in season 2, they still managed to be as charming and captivating as ever. I don’t know if it’s the characters, the history, or the incredible duo that is Matt Smith and Claire Foy. I do know that they are one of the best Netflix couples and I will continue to be obsessed with these two for as long as they’re on my screen.

Best Episode: 1×02, “Hyde Park Corner”

Miranda and Patrick — ‘Haters Back Off’

haters back best netflix couples

I never thought I’d feel so strongly about Miranda Sings, yet here I am. Haters Back Off humanized Miranda in ways I never imagined. Her family was a big part of that, but Patrick gave her character the depth and heart she’d always been missing.

Miranda cares about Patrick in ways we never see her care for anyone else. He cares for her, too, going to great lengths to help her. She also wants his affection. It’s a vulnerable desire, unlike the affection she seeks from fans and fame. They don’t always act on these desires in the right way, but their love for each other is evident in every scene they share.

There is also gentleness to these characters when they’re together that softens Miranda’s big personality and hard edges. The way she looks expectantly at Patrick when she blows a bubble with her Froze Toes gum gets me every time.

Best Episode: 1×07, “Starr off the Parade”

Maya and Zig — ‘Degrassi: Next Class’

degrassi next class zaya netflix

Degrassi is known for their epic couples, and these two are one of their recent incarnations of high school sweethearts. They met in ninth grade, survived the ups and downs of high school, and even went to prom together.

The scene when they tackle the issue of consent remains one of my favorite ship moments of all time, for any couple in any TV show. They make consent fun and sexy. For them, it’s an important way to connect.

When we last saw them, they were jamming out to their favorite music in the car, heading toward their next big adventure. Now that they’ve graduated, I think they have even more romantic potential than ever.

Best Episode: 1×03, “#YesMeansYes”

Stephanie and Jimmy — ‘Fuller House’

fuller house season best netflix couples

There are a lot of worthy ships on Fuller House, but Stephanie and Jimmy are definitely the most likely to Netflix and chill. Their relationship is flirty and playful but is still able to withstand serious issues. I never thought Stephanie would ever get so close to a Gibbler family member, but I am so glad she did.

Jimmy is incredibly loyal. He supports Stephanie in all her dreams, whether that’s making music or having a baby. He’s sweet and kind — exactly what Stephanie needs. Stephanie supports Jimmy, too. She teaches him how to pronounce words like “Oakland” and always accepts him for who he is.

These two give me all the feels! They are one of the best Netflix couples.

Best Episode: 2×12, “Nutcrackers”

Grace and Nick — ‘Grace and Frankie’

grace and frankie netflix

On Grace and Frankie, Frankie and her beau Jacob are the ones always talking about watching TV together. They even have specific shows that are “theirs.” As cute as Frankie and Jacob are, Grace and Nick give them a run for their money. Grace and Nick make me swoon.

Grace has her share of insecurities. With most people, she hides them behind a layer of ice and sarcasm. With Nick, she shows her vulnerability by opening up to him. She shares her doubts about their age difference and her uncertainty about her body.

Nick always reassures her. He takes care of her — even learning how to do things himself instead of delegating them to others. They communicate about their needs and their shortcomings. In a relationship, there is nothing more swoon-worthy than healthy communication. Grace and Nick know how to do that.

They not only complement each other; they elevate each other. That makes them one of the very best Netflix couples.

Best Episode: 4×09, “The Knee”

Who do you think are the best Netflix couples?

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