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‘Doctor Who’: Words of wisdom from the Doctor

Over the course of 50 years, Doctor Who has given us some really valuable life lessons and wise words. Join us as we celebrate his wisdom, and launch our second Doctor Who giveaway for the month!

We’ve learned a lot from Doctor Who over the years. From life lessons to physics to how to properly sass someone, there’s an unlimited amount of information that we get from the Doctor. And since we’re approaching the fiftieth anniversary, we wanted to share with you our favorite quotes from each of the Doctors.

We had a tough time selecting which quotes to pick for this piece because almost everything the Doctor says on Doctor Who is pure gold! But when it came down to it, we picked the ones that we connected with the most. We hope you like these graphics, created by Tariq Kyle, and would love for you to share with us which one is your favorite in the comments below!

Congratulations on teaching Whovians the proper things, Doctor Who! Let’s go on to fifty more years of awesome, shall we?

Oh, and don’t forget that there’s another giveaway on the second page!

The First Doctor


Oh, William Hartnell. The first Doctor who gave us a chance to love Doctor Who in the first place. It’s amazing how true this quote is – sometimes the important stuff is the stuff you never thought would be significant.

The Second Doctor


Patrick Troughton’s Doctor has a point, here! Some things in the universe, like the Daleks, just have to be fought. And some of our personal battles, too, which is why we chose this quote. Sometimes you have to fight!

The Third Doctor


Jon Pertwee’s Doctor is also correct, as the Doctor always is. It’s fine and dandy to want to be brave, just…don’t be stupid about it!

The Fourth Doctor


Tom Baker! We miss you dearly! His Doctor’s quote still rings true today with Matt Smith’s portrayal. They both taught us that being childish sometimes is good fun, so don’t grow up too fast to miss that.

The Fifth Doctor


The thing we love about this quote from Peter Davison’s Doctor is the fact that most people tend to forget to open their eyes until they see this quote. We get so used to everything around us, the nature and beauty and people, that we don’t ever open our eyes enough to take the scenery in. There’s always something interesting to look at if you just start noticing them.

Check out the second page for even more inspirational quotes and the Doctor Who giveaway!

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