An article detailing Team StarKid’s premiere of A Very Potter 3D: A Very Potter Senior Year has released a handful of behind-the-scenes pictures as well as a video featuring interviews with the cast and footage from the show’s rehearsal. Warning: there is obviously spoiler content below. It’s endorsed by StarKid – but if you want to remain completely oblivious until the YouTube release, don’t click.

The article, commissioned by Tumblr, does not contain spoilers – it is more of an emotive piece showcasing and explaining the significance of Team StarKid and their fandom, but the photographic and video content released alongside the article is a veritable goldmine for those StarKid fans hungry for information about the third Very Potter show.


There you have it – some emotional moments from fans and Team StarKid alike, costume and prop spoilers, and even song spoilers. There’s a good snippet of Darren Criss rehearsing a reworking of one of our favorite StarKid tunes, which features in the show. Our favorite moment is the somewhat poignant quote from Jaime Lyn Beatty about Darren’s involvement in the show, despite his difficult schedule: “The classic Darren thing is you have to get every one of his friends involved, and then basically guilt him into doing it, because the last thing that Darren wants is to be missing out on friend-time.” Adorable! And funny! And heartbreaking!

The gallery below includes behind-the-scenes photos from the Tumblr piece, as well as a few released by MuggleNet.

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If you were there – did these reminders totally make you cry? If you weren’t there – what do you think of the show so far?

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