2:30 pm EDT, July 27, 2012

Battle of the Billionaires: Batman or Iron Man, which superhero does it cost more to be?

Recently, a financial company released an image detailing how much it would cost to actually be Batman in The Dark Knight Rises. With Iron Man 3 on the way, they’ve released a similar image for Iron Man – tallying up how much it would cost to be Tony Stark’s mechanical masterpiece. Check out which superhero would set your bank account back the most.

So for those of you without a calculator or who are still looking in their couches for some loose change, it cost Tony Stark $930,266,250 more to be Iron Man than it does for Bruce Wayne to be Batman. Looks like Bruce Wayne should step his game up, or at least go see Mr. Fox about improving his stock portfolio.

Although, the majority of Iron Man’s costs come from the many different renditions of his armor. With only his latest suit accounted for, Tony Stark drops down to needing a paltry $648,717,000 to achieve his life of metallic-luxury. Where as Bruce Wayne’s home is his most expensive toy, coming in at a mind-boggling $600,000,000 after being rebuilt with slight modifications under the southeast corner…ahem…Batcave.

So, any billionaire playboys (or girls) be sure to let us know when you have your superhero suits and mansions built (or just give us your pin numbers).

Let us know what you think about Batman and Iron Man’s superhero costs in the comments.

Source: MoneySuperMarket

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