3:00 pm EST, November 20, 2017

‘Bad Princess’ book review: Julianna Keyes nails it with this royal novella

If you’ve never read a book by the talented Julianna Keyes now is your chance. Bad Princess is a fun, quick read with a royal theme that readers will just adore.

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About ‘Bad Princess’ by Julianna Keyes:

Notorious for leaping off roofs, maiming foreign royals, and that twerking incident, Brinley Cantrella of Estau is nobody’s definition of a good princess. She’s fearless and bold, not good and gracious. And after a lifetime of being told she’s unfit to be queen, wearing the crown and helping to usher Estau into a new era is the one dream she’s never dared chase.

But when her older sister abdicates the throne, all Brinley has to do to inherit the role is not twerk, not maim anybody, and definitely not get caught fooling around topless with Prince Finn, her childhood crush, the only man she’s ever loved… and her sister’s former future husband.

Finn embodies the definition of good. Tall and handsome, serious and honorable, he always does the right thing —including agreeing to marry his ex’s sister to cover up this latest scandal. Brinley has fallen down stairs, broken teeth and broken bones, but this is the first time her heart has ever been broken. She now has the crown and the prince, and on the surface, life is good — but is being married to a man everyone swears could never love her back good enough?

‘Bad Princess’ by Julianna Keyes review:

First and foremost, readers should know that this book is a novella. That means that the pace of the book is pretty quick and may not be as fully fleshed out as some people are used to. But if you’re going into the book wanting something quick to read, that really isn’t an issue.

This isn’t my first time reading a book by Julianna Keyes, but I did only recently discover her. I just love her characters and storytelling though, it’s so easy to get into her books and fall right in love with the world you’re immersed in.

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“Then she had learned that Finn and Elle were to wed and she had spent the next 17 years trying her very best not to envy a life for which she was not destined and, if the tabloids were to be believed — and they had photographic evidence to support their case — for which she was not fit.”

Brinley is a great, strong heroine. She’s known as the “Bad Princess” to her people, but that’s mainly because she doesn’t adhere to the typical rules of royalty. Good luck trying to tell Brinley what to do or how to behave. She’d rather be exploring, learning, and going on her own adventures than be stuck in ball gowns sucking up to dignitaries.

If Brinley has a weakness, it’s her long time crush on prince Finn. When her sister runs off though it gives Brinley the opportunity to find out what kissing Finn would really be like. Unfortunately, that leads to a scandal when they’re caught and have to rush a marriage and fake being in love.

“For once, Brinley was speechless. Finian of Lenora was not known to be a liar, but it was impossible to believe what she was hearing. That he would want this — want her — even without the pressing circumstances surrounding the situation, was beyond comprehension.”

Her feelings are real, but now Brinley isn’t sure if Finn’s feelings are. Does he really like her, or is he just playing the role he was born to play? After all, Finn was supposed to be marrying Brinley’s sister until just a few days before they reunited.

Though their romance is on a fast pace, it was still cute and sexy to read. I had lots of fun with this one and although it would have been great to read more I feel like Julianna still hit all of the bases pretty well. I hope to see more by her soon!

Bad Princess by Julianna Keyes will be released on November 27! Pre-order now from Amazon, Kobo, or iBooks. And don’t forget to add it to your Goodreads!

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