9:25 am EDT, June 4, 2019

‘The Babadook’ getting Pride-themed blu-ray release

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The Babadook became an unintentional LGBTQIA+ icon, and for Pride Month that status is being celebrated with a Pride-themed blu-ray release.

The Australian horror flick The Babadook absolutely enraptured horror fans back in its 2014 theatrical run. It was a movie that was a truly creative take on horror that was not only truly terrifying, but it was also a very thoughtful and realistic examination of motherhood and isolation. It also gave birth to the fantastic meme that the Babadook themselves was an LGBT icon, and Shout Factory is leaning into that this Pride month.

The Babadook’s rise to glory started in large part, where else, on Tumblr as users insisted that the character was gay. The meme rocketed to viral status when a Tumblr user posted an image of the movie popping up in a list of Netflix-suggested LGBT movies. A user commented on the picture that “the B in LGBT stands for Babadook,” and the rest is really internet meme history.


For a while, most of the best “the Babadook is a gay icon” content happened largely online, but this Pride Month, Shout Factory decided to really lean into the character’s internet status. This month, you can snag your very own Pride-themed blu-ray of The Babadook. Shout Factory is releasing a special, curated list of titles to celebrate Pride, with the headlining product being the special Babadook blu-ray that featured a silhouette of the character against a bold, rainbow background.

But this isn’t just a mere marketing stunt. For the entire month of June, Shout Factory will be donating a percentage of their sales to Los Angeles LGBT Center, which provides vital services like healthcare, housing, and more to the LGBTQIA+ community in LA and across the country.

So if you’ve been meaning to add The Babadook to your blu-ray collection, now is the perfect time to consider snagging your very own Pride-themed copy of the film. You can head to Shout Factory’s website to purchase a copy for yourself, and check out the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s website to check out the organization they’re supporting, and maybe donate to them directly.

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