Those of us that have already seen The Avengers know about the secret mid-credits scene that reveals a new villain on the horizon for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but what secrets lie beyond the rest of the credits?

Thanks to writer Christopher Campbell for tipping us off about the extra scene, and thanks to CBM commenter TheIrishAvenger for finding the image!

Marvel has made itself known with its line-up of after-credit clips that contain hints leading to the next big installment in its universe. So what waits after The Avengers that didn’t get released internationally or at press screenings? Was it a lead-up to Ant-Man, The Wasp or Doctor Strange?

Warning: Beyond this point are major spoilers for The Avengers film and if you have not yet seen it we highly recommend hitting the “back” button immediately as many times as possible until you’re safe.

We’re serious. Massive spoilers below.

Those that have seen the film might remember seeing a certain death-obsessed villain with a proclivity for accessories at the end of the main credit sequence, but Joss has something else in store for those of us that know that fans WILL stay through the credits just to see if there’s anything tagging along at the end.

Ready yourself, like we said, this is a major spoiler.

UPDATE: Watch the clip in this post!

That’s the team sitting down at a wrecked shawarma restaurant, probably at Tony Stark’s insistence. Reportedly, the after-credits scene is them eating shawarma (because of Downey’s joke right after he saves them all) in silence with Mark Ruffalo trying to keep a straight face.

Hysterical. Leave it to Whedon to get fans all excited for an after-credits scene and then have it feature heroes masticating.

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