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Arrowverse recap: Discussing ‘Supergirl’ 3×18, ‘The Flash’ 4×22, ‘Arrow’ 6×23

We’re recapping this week’s Arrowverse episodes: Supergirl 3×18 “Shelter from the Storm,” The Flash 4×22 “Think Fast” and Arrow 6×23 “Life Sentence.”

This week in the Arrowverse, Reign goes after Ruby, DeVoe moves the Enlightenment forward and Team Arrow makes their move against Diaz.

‘Supergirl’ 3×18 ‘Shelter from the Storm’

Thematically, much of this episode looks at characters dealing with the consequences of sticking to or giving up their personal codes. James tries to convince Lena to tell Supergirl that she can make Kryptonite since it’s the only thing that affects Reign; he thinks Supergirl will be appreciative if Lena comes to her as an ally, but he’s overestimating Kara.

Supergirl, as Lena predicted, is furious. She takes the existence of Kryptonite as a personal insult. But she’s forced to accept Lena’s offer when Reign, after attacking Lena and killing Sam’s adoptive mother Patricia, goes after Ruby at Lex’s hidden mansion. The Kryptonite ends up saving the day, as it immobilizes Reign so they can take her as a captive to the DEO.

Supergirl apologizes to Lena, but Lena reveals her true feelings to Kara later: She’s only working with Supergirl because she has to. The fact that Supergirl asked James to break into her lab crossed a line. This seems like a step toward Lena becoming a villain, as Kara broke her trust. Once Lena learns the truth about Supergirl’s identity, the little trust that was holding their alliance together is going to shatter.

Meanwhile, Supergirl is able to make Reign pause in her pursuit of Ruby when she points out that killing an innocent child goes against the mission she’s on Earth to complete. This gives Mon-El the opportunity to shoot her with Kryptonite, leading to her captivity at the DEO.

We also see The Legion planning to return to the future, but Brainy declares that Supergirl’s team has a 51% chance of beating Reign but that would go up to 88% if a Legionnaire stayed behind. Imra, in an incredibly convoluted speech, tells Mon-El to stay to help Supergirl. If he returns to the future after that, she’ll know he wants to be with her.

I’ve run out of words to express my frustration with this dynamic. The only thing that can redeem it is for Mon-El to return to the future by the end of the season.

M’yrnn’s dementia is also getting worse in heartbreaking ways, and Alex seems to be taking charge of Ruby — who learned that her mother is Reign. That had to be traumatizing.

‘The Flash’ 4×22 ‘Think Fast’

In many ways, DeVoe has been a frustrating villain this season — but seeing him use his bus meta powers, one after another, to infiltrate a secret A.R.G.U.S. facility and take it over was incredible. Losing Marlize has erased any hesitation he had toward hurting innocent people. His true threat — and the importance of him getting the exact metas that he did — was on impressive display.

We even get a brief Arrow crossover as DeVoe pretends to be Diggle to get into A.R.G.U.S., then Barry rushes Diggle to S.T.A.R. Labs to check in on Fallout. The team grabbing a garbage can and a bottle of water in preparation for his vomiting was hilarious; they’ve seen this play out enough times at this point.

Diggle’s presence lets the team know that DeVoe is going to use Fallout to launch his Enlightenment satellites. They have 12 hours to stop DeVoe, but DeVoe is holding hostages. Plus, A.R.G.U.S. security includes electrical plates that explode if anyone — like a speedster — steps on them.

Despite this timeline and the fact the team keeps saying they’re racing against the clock, the episode moves at a leisurely pace in many places, particularly in terms of Barry trying to train Caitlin and Cisco to operate in Flashtime so they can rescue the hostages while Barry uses the electrical plates as a battery to speed him through DeVoe’s pocket dimension.

In the process of training, Caitlin unlocks part of a repressed memory. After the hostages have been saved, then, she asks Cisco to vibe her to that memory. It turns out that as a child, she was in a bike accident. And in the accident, she manifested Killer Frost. This was years before the particle accelerator exploded, proving Killer Frost has been part of her all along. But how?

Meanwhile, Barry succeeds in shooting down one of DeVoe’s satellites, but he doesn’t care. He uses one of the S.T.A.R. Labs satellites to replace the destroyed one. Oh, and he launches it from inside S.T.A.R. Labs — and that’s a huge slap in the face, isn’t it?

Their best bet lies with Iris and Harry, who track Marlize to the first apartment she and DeVoe shared together. Iris seems to reach her as she reminds Marlize of the optimism she felt before meeting DeVoe. I’ve thought all along Marlize would be key to taking down her husband, and now Team Flash is catching up.

‘Arrow’ 6×23 ‘Life Sentence’

If the final moments of the penultimate episode of season 6 weren’t hint enough about what fate awaited Oliver Queen, then the episode title “Life Sentence” should have made it clear. Interspersed between attempts by the team, aided by the FBI, we see Oliver mending fences with those he has hurt most before going away for the rest of his life.

He offers Diggle a Green Arrow suit to make amends for refusing to give up the hood. He calls Rene a good man, telling him he’s the type of man Star City deserves protecting it. He thanks Dinah for putting her vendetta against Black Siren aside for the sake of the mission. Felicity calls him out on his farewell tour, but they’re interrupted.

Why did Oliver think confessing to being the Green Arrow and turning himself in was the best move? Well, it seems Diaz succeeded in at least one thing: destroying Oliver’s confidence in himself and his abilities. He lost his team (through bad writing — don’t feel bad about that, Oliver), he pushed his best friend away, and those were only the losses from this season. Oliver harkens back to the sacrifices of Tommy Merlyn and Roy Harper. And let’s not forgot Laurel.

And then there is Quentin. Poor Quentin, who has been marked for death since season 1. Miraculously, he has survived this long after everything he’s lost. But he (predictably, since Paul Blackthorne’s departure was announced ahead of the finale) takes a bullet to protect Laurel from Diaz and dies in surgery. Laurel even called Sara, but within moments of her arrival, the doctor announces Quentin’s death.

I can’t help but think about how long it took for Sara to move past Laurel’s death. And now she has to work through her father’s death as well? It’s a good thing she has a strong support system on the Waverider.

Anyway, RIP Quentin. You were a good man.

Surprisingly, Diaz gets away before the end of the episode, so I assume his arc will extend into season 7, especially since he teased his alliance with the infamous assassins, The Longbow Hunters. But Oliver managed to get the list of compromised officials off his drive; they’re all arrested, which frees the city.

And in the closing moments of the episode, we get something I’ve been waiting ages for: Oliver pulls a Tony Stark by looking into the camera and declaring, “I am the Green Arrow.”

And then he goes to prison which doesn’t happen to Tony.

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