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‘Arrow’ season 3, episode 2 recap: Honoring a friend

Arrow season 3, episode 2, “Sara,” aired tonight. Read our recap and discuss the episode with fellow fans!

A fallen friend

Oliver, Felicity, and Roy enter the foundry to find Laurel and Sara’s body; Laurel didn’t know where else to go. Oliver closes Sara’s eyes and hugs a sobbing Laurel while Roy holds Felicity.

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Oliver promises to find whoever killed Sara, and Laurel wants to help. Oliver tells her to take care of herself and her father, but with Lance’s health, Laurel doesn’t want to tell him until they’ve caught Sara’s killer.

Oliver leaves Thea a voicemail before heading to the roof where Sara was shot. He finds an arrowhead and is recreating the scene when Diggle arrives and offers his help; Sara was his friend, too.

Lance calls a meeting with the Arrow, but it’s clear he doesn’t know about Sara. He has a tip about a new archer — who kills a second man that night — in town. Team Arrow assumes this is Sara’s killer.

Not so invincible after all

In the foundry, Roy and Felicity go through Sara’s things. Felicity says she always saw Sara as invincible and was jealous. Sob.

Oliver and Diggle then return, and Oliver asks Diggle to ask Lyla for access to A.R.G.U.S. files to find wanted archers. Meanwhile, Oliver has a lead on a potential witness to the latest murder.

Later, Felicity catches Roy searching an FBI database for Thea. He shows her Thea’s note, and she tells him to show it to Oliver. She then gets a message and storms off to tear Ray Palmer a new one at Queen Consolidated.

Felicity says she won’t work for him, though technically she does because he bought the store she works at. He tells her she can work for him at Queen Consolidated or at the retail store. Felicity quits instead. Ray, though, recognizes that Felicity isn’t actually upset at him, and in a sweet moment tells her that whatever happened, it will get better.

Potential lead

The Arrow heads to the site of the last murder and finds his witness, who saw the killer wearing a black hockey mask. Using A.R.G.U.S. data, they figure out who their archer is: Simon Lacroix, alias Komodo.

Felicity tracks Lacroix via cell phone, and the Arrow stops him from killing his latest target. A motorcycle chase ensues that leads into a few rounds of archer jousting. Lacroix eventually knocks the Arrow off his bike and gets away.

Back in the foundry, Felicity has a program looking for connections between Lacroix’s victims, but it will take some time. She accuses Oliver of not having feelings, but Oliver replies that he doesn’t have the luxury of falling to pieces since everyone is looking to him to lead.

He admits, though, that looking at Sara made him realize that he will share her fate because the life he’s chosen only ends one way. Felicity, for her part, says life is precious and she wants more than to wait in the dark.


Meanwhile, Laurel heads to the hospital and bullies her way past officers to talk to the almost-victim. She forces him to divulge that the victims were working on a deal to build an oil pipeline. He’s about to say more when he takes an arrow to the chest through the window.

Back in the foundry, Oliver leaves another message for Thea. Roy finally shows Oliver Thea’s letter. He apologizes and Oliver accepts.

Felicity and Laurel use the information to narrow down Lacroix’s next target: He’ll be at a fundraiser Ray Palmer is holding. Laurel wants to go, but Oliver won’t let her.

At Queen Consolidated, Ray gives a speech before Lacroix crashes the party. The Arrow and Arsenal appear, and the three fight. Lacroix jumps out a window and the Arrow follows down several floors.

After some cat and mouse, they come face to face. The Arrow disarms Lacroix when Laurel appears with Sara’s gun. She accuses Lacroix of killing her sister, only he wasn’t in Starling the night of Sara’s death. Oliver tries to talk Laurel down, but she pulls the trigger — but the chamber is empty. With the police closing in, the Arrow and Laurel leave.

Honoring a friend

At Verdant, Oliver promises to find Sara’s killer, but he doesn’t know when and Lance deserves to know. Laurel agrees and heads to see her father. She’s about to tell him when his pill reminder goes off, and Laurel decides to keep up the lie.

That night, Team Arrow buries Sara in her old grave. Laurel breaks down, and Diggle says he and Lyla are naming their baby Sara.

Later in the foundry, Diggle tells Oliver he’s rejoining the team to help find Sara’s killer. Oliver says he needs to bring Thea home. As Diggle prepares to leave, Oliver says he doesn’t want to die down there. “So don’t, Oliver,” Diggle tells him.

Meanwhile, Felicity finally agrees to work for Ray because she wants more out of life.

And somewhere across the world, Thea has been training with Malcolm and is kicking butt.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong…

Maseo takes Oliver to a roof with a sniper rifle. Amanda Waller wants Oliver to shoot a target: Tommy Merlyn. Tommy is apparently in town looking for Oliver, as him logging into his email set off an alert. And if Oliver doesn’t kill Tommy, someone else will.

Oliver pleads with Maseo for another way to deal with the situation that doesn’t involve killing his best friend.

Later, Tommy is abducted from his hotel room. He wakes up tied to a chair and with lights shining in his face. Oliver, in a mask, plays the role of a kidnapper, stating he laid a trap by logging into Oliver’s email and will use Tommy for ransom. He confirms that Oliver Queen is dead. Maseo arrives then, pretending to be a police officer rescuing Tommy.

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