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Aramis Knight talks ‘Ender’s Shadow,’ ‘Breaking Bad’ with Hypable

Check out our interview with Aramis Knight, who plays Bean in the recently released Ender’s Game movie.

As one of the most recent book-to-film adaptations, Ender’s Game is one film that many have been looking forward to for years. Hypable got a chance to speak with one of the stars of the movie, Aramis Knight, who portrays a supporting character, Bean, in the film.

Have you read Ender’s Game (or any of the sequels) before getting involved in the movie? Do you like science-fiction stuff like that?

“No not prior, I was 11 when I got cast so it was hard to read. I had to re-read the series, actually, afterwards. Yeah, I love science fiction, like Star Wars and stuff, it’s great.”

“My favorite [book] from the series is Ender’s Shadow, because it was really interesting to see Bean come of age and make it to battle school and see how he got as far as he did.”

We know a couple of concerns about filming Ender’s Shadow was that you guys would grow up too fast, and that’s why Hood wanted to film the two films right next to each other. Are you concerned about the fact that you’ve grown up too much now?

“There was talk about Ender’s Shadow, and yeah I am a little worried that I’m too old. Bean is supposed to be the smallest of the group, and when they booked the movie I was 4’8″ and I had a high squeaky voice and now I’m 5’6″ and my voice is deeper.”

“It’s very difficult because Bean is known for his height, and his story is about – he’s small and neglected and vulnerable. It’s going to be kind of difficult, but makeup in Hollywood is amazing, and what they can do with set designs to make me look smaller, it’s crazy.”

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“What I really think they should do is trail off and totally separate the books from the movies and make it a new movie series. Gavin told me he loves Bean. I’m sure they’ll do some sort of background.”

“I’m not really worried, but it’s a big obstacle because Ender’s Shadow wasn’t able to be made right away.”

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Gavin also said he’s thinking about doing a TV show. Would you be interested in doing something like that? Would you prefer movies or a TV show?

“I would be interested, but I would always prefer movies, and although I like guest roles and stuff in TV shows I don’t love being tied into one series. But if they did an Ender’s Shadow series, it would be all about Bean and he’d be a developed character so that would be cool.”

“It’s actually a funny story, the first time I heard that was when People magazine asked if I heard about the TV show and I didn’t know about it. I was like ‘uh yeahhhhh,’ haha.”

You seem to be really active on Twitter and you’re always tweeting your fans. There are so many actors who don’t ever do that and who stay to themselves, so what made you decide to be so active in engaging them?

“I always try and be different, and I definitely try to respond because I wouldn’t be here without them. Fame comes with success and I wanna keep it going, talking to fans that is. And I don’t wanna be that guy who’s known for being a jerk for denying pictures.”

“I try my hardest, and I totally understand [the pressure] now. No matter where you are you have to worry about getting a picture, or signing something. It’s difficult but I do try my best.”

If you could pick any show on TV, which would you want to be on?
“I’d have loved to be on Breaking Bad, that show is amazing. I’m on the fifth season right now and I’m addicted. We’ll stay up and watch it and be like ‘just one more’ and then we’d have to stop ourselves.”

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Would you prefer an ‘Ender’s Shadow’ TV show or movie?

Now that we know Aramis Knight would much prefer a movie to a TV show, what do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below if you’d rather see Ender’s Shadow take form in TV or movie form.

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