On The Walking Dead, Rick has finally come face to face with Woodbury, and actor Andrew Lincoln is not a big fan of the idyllic little town.

After the midseason finale of The Walking Dead on Sunday, Andrew Lincoln, who plays the fearless leader Rick Grimes, discussed with AMC how he can’t stand being on the Woodbury set.

“I hate Woodbury! I actively feel nauseous when I go there. I hate everybody in it…I just can’t stand to look at the place. I love the prison…it’s beautiful.”

Not many people would describe a prison as beautiful, but if you’ve found yourself in a zombie apocalypse, it’s an oasis amidst the chaos of life around you.

So if Lincoln hates everyone in Woodbury, we wonder if he and David Morrissey get along off-screen. As two of the British actors on the show and stark adversaries, we think it might be hard for these men to be friends outside of filming.

When asked about keeping his Southern accent and living in America, Lincoln says, “I think I’m a Southern British now.”

Considering how much time he spends in America now, he also comments how he’s grown to love living stateside.

“I totally love this part of the world. Almost three-quarters of my year is spent in America now. I love this country and I’m very excited to be here now.”

He even loves the long, hot Georgian summer, which is quite different from cloudy London town.

“You know, even in spite of the brutal summer and ridiculous weather we get, this part of the world here around Georgia is really beautiful.”

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of The Walking Dead 3×08 “Made to Suffer,” on set in Georgia.

One of the most heartbreaking things we’ve seen on The Walking Dead (and on television in general) is Rick’s reaction to the news of Lori’s death. We really feel for him in that scene, but how did Lincoln manage to pull it off?

“I wanted to drop the gun, I wanted to fall, all of these things, and I wanted you to see this man who has led these people and been so strong, fall to the ground broken. I had an acting teacher who always said that even when you’re ripping your guts out with emotion, it should be catharsis. Not many people get to do that in their lives full-stop.”

We’re definitely convinced that Lincoln really felt Lori’s passing, and maybe it had something to do with co-star Sarah Wayne Callies leaving the show.

How will the confrontation between Rick and the Governor go?

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