Amy Poehler could be heading back to television, but not in the way you might expect!

According to Deadline, Fox has officially ordered a script and pilot presentation for a half-hour animated comedy series from Amy Poehler.

Poehler won’t be working alone on the project, however. The upcoming animated comedy, which is being produced by her company Paper Kite Productions, is being made in partnership with The Simpsons’ Mike Scully and his wife Julie Scully (former writer-producer for The Simpsons).

The Parks and Rec star will be credited as co-creator on the project, while Mike and Julie Scully will serve as writers on the forthcoming pilot.

Though the series doesn’t have a name quite yet, the announcement does give us a good idea as to what we can expect from the upcoming animated comedy.

The Wrap reports that the animated series will center around the family and friends of a 15-year-old kid named Duncan Harris. Duncan is described as an average kid with huge aspirations of “being a UFC fighter, tech billionaire, video game champ, or any job where you make a ton of money and don’t have to wear a tie.”

In addition to serving as co-creator on the untitled series, Poehler is also said to be lending her voice to multiple characters in the ensemble cast.

There’s no telling when, or if, the series will make it to air, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more developments!

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