The 2012 season of America’s Got Talent delivered its final performances last night. David Garibaldi and his CMYK’s, Tom Cotter, The Untouchables, Joe Castillo, William Close, and the Olate Dogs all had to deliver their best performance ever against some steep competition.

David Garibaldi and his CMYK’s performed first. As usual, they painted something that you couldn’t tell what it was. Garibaldi chose to paint Albert Einstein. He chose Einstein because he symbolized creativity and innovation, and that’s a goal they strive for.

Showing again that he has a nearly unlimited repertoire of jokes, Tom Cotter had Nick Cannon roll the “joke die” to determine what his topic would be. Nick rolled “Poor Examples.” Cotter is the first comedian to ever make it to the America’s Got Talent finals, and it’s clear why.

The Untouchables did something the judges have been asking from dance groups all season – they featured a single dancer. They featured their youngest dancer, 8-year-old Ruby. They think they should win because they’re kids and “the future of America.”

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