America’s Got Talent was live with the wild card round last night. Here’s our recap.

First up was Spencer Horsman who was brought back by Howard. Horsman, the escape artist, took every advantage of his returning opportunity. In his most dangerous (and best) stunt yet, Horsman escaped from a tank being filled with cement. Howard congratulated Horsman on being worth bringing back. Sharon said he delivered, and she said it was night and day to what it was last time. Howie was glad to see he took the criticism to heart and it worked better than they could have ever thought.

The all-male clogging group All That! was brought back by Sharon. She was not disappointed and said it was really well done. Howie didn’t think it was as exciting as the other acts and didn’t see how they got through. Howard agreed. He said they were talented, but he didn’t see how they could be one of the top four.

Jarrett and Raja, the magic act that features music, was brought back by Howie. They did a fantastic transportation of a piano and pianist from inside of a wooden box to a spot on the other side of the auditorium. Howie was very proud of himself for bringing them back, and was glad they delivered. Howard loved the big illusion. Howard loved that they took out the “cheese” and that they proved that they were pros. Sharon said it was really, really spectacular. She said they should be proud.

Singer Jake Wesley Rogers was brought back by Sharon. One of the things he didn’t do well previously was connect with the audience because of his song choice, and choosing to sing Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” was a good way to do that. Sharon said that she’s proud and that he should be, too. Howie thought he sang very well, but the fact that he is a singer will hurt him this year because a singer won’t win this year. Howard said his youth does show and that the audience doesn’t connect with him, regardless of song choice.

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