America’s Got Talent took to St. Louis last night in their talent search. Here’s our recap of last night’s auditions.

The first act last night to go on to the Vegas rounds was six-year-old singer/dancer Isaac Brown. Isaac commanded the stage in a way that few are able to do. I am always weary of little kid performers because they usually get by on cuteness and aren’t able to show much in the way of talent, but Isaac is talented. Because I don’t care much for these little kid performers, I was wary of him all the way through his performance. Isaac got me though; he got me when he said, “all that matters is you coming from your heart.” Rock on, kid. Rock on.

Spencer Horsman claims to be the world’s youngest escape artist. He certainly looks like he should be. He wowed everyone with his very dangerous escape routine. I was on the edge of my seat, and I can’t wait to see him again.

Every year a completely gruesome act appears on AGT. This year is no different as the Cut Throat Freak Show who step on glass, lift things with their eyelids, and swallow swords. I hate this kind of act and it was very tough to watch. I’m hoping Vegas is the last time I have to see them.

I know I don’t usually cover acts that don’t make it on to Vegas, but this guy was just so gosh darn adorable. Just watch and enjoy.

Every week there are auditions that get zoomed over fairly quickly. I don’t write about these because we’ve hardly seen them and there isn’t enough to talk about. This week they took that to the extreme as there were many acts that went on where we only were able to see their faces for a second. I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll remember even half of the acts at the Vegas rounds.

See you in Texas.

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