We reported earlier today that it had been confirmed that Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson were locked in as American Idol judges for next season. Now, we’re getting our first official look at all of them at the judges’ table!

Deadline.com posted the picture today which shows Mariah, Keith, Nicki and Randy posing with host Ryan Seacrest in what appears to be New York City auditions (based on the background picture of Central Park):

In addition to the photo, Deadline is reporting on the judges’ placement in regards to speaking to the contestants:

Jackson is keeping his anchor spot as the last judge to speak, while Carey is positioned to open critiques.

Earlier we speculated on the potential chemistry of these four, and even the photo seems a bit awkward, don’t you think? When we polled Hypable users asking if they think the four would have chemistry on camera, the overwhelming majority voted, “No way. This’ll be a train wreck.” Eek! Not a strong first impression with viewers. Most fans were somewhat disappointed to hear the news over the summer that Jennifer Lopez would not be returning to Idol next season to fulfill her judging duties as she had in seasons 10 and 11.

With The X Factor and The Voice still going strong and pulling in 8-12 million viewers, we hope that American Idol finds a way to separate itself from the overly saturated talent show market!

What are your thoughts on the four American Idol judges? Do you think it might be a little too early to tell whether or not they will be great when it airs next year? We wonder what kind of interactions Nicki Minaj will have with the diva known as Mariah Carey and the rather laid back Keith Urban! One thing is for sure, they’ve definitely mixed it up a bit this season which is always hit or miss with viewers!

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