One of the main stars of the horror mini series American Horror Story has revealed she doesn’t like acting in violent scenes and tries to avoid them!

Lange reveals that there have been a few moments on American Horror Story that she wasn’t sure she could perform, reports Huffington Post.

While she’s never had a problem with the heavily emotional scenes, the violence of the show is something she’s just not interested in. “I don’t want to dip into that. I’ve avoided those kinds of things for my entire career, and I’m not interested in that,” says Lange. “I mean, emotional violence? Yes. Physical violence? Not so much.”

Fans might remember that in American Horror Story season 1, Murder House, Lange (playing Constance) shot her husband. The character was a cheating husband so Lange says she was able to convince herself that he deserved it.

However, she had a harder time with the violent scenes in American Horror Story season 2, Asylum. Lange explains, “In the second season, I had the thing where caning some bare asses, but after the second time, I said, ‘OK, that’s it. We’re not doing that any more.'”

There are parts of American Horror Story that Lange would like to explore more of. “That thing of despair and loneliness — desperation and what drives a person,” is what Lange says she’d like to do more of. “The idea of disappointment. What the tortured kind of do to survive.”

The actress also reveals how much input she has in her characters. In the second season, Lange suggested to American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy that she had never played an alcoholic.

That’s how Jude ended up with her background as a drunk before joining the church. Lange adds that it’s that quality that brings her back to work with Murphy, “He is never not receptive to an idea. I think that is unique, really.”

Speaking about the new season subtitled Coven, Lange says that all of the great actresses coming together, this season has made the series better. “It’s like playing tennis against a great tennis player — you’ve got to kind of rise to the game,” she explains.

Lange also says that in working previously with Kathy Bates she knows that they work well together. Although, this time around they will be portraying enemies. She also admits that she loves working with American Horror Story veterans including Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe. While she’s looking forward to working with Angela Bassett and Patti LuPone, whom she’s never worked with before.

What kind of scenes would you like to see Lange preform this season on ‘American Horror Story: Coven’?

Photo credit: FX

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