Many die hard Alien fans did not care for Ridley Scott’s alien prequel film Prometheus. The main gripe is that, while the movie is beautiful to look at, it lacks common sense.

The Prometheus sequel, Alien: Covenant aims to change fan perception on the franchise by returning to its sci-fi horror roots.

Actress Katherine Waterston leads an all-star cast of actors aboard the colony ship Covenant. Bound for a remote planet on the far side of the universe, they think they are headed for an uncharted paradise. Little do they know they are about to uncover horrors beyond their imagination. When the shit hits the fan, the crew will have to fight for their lives against an unfamiliar and dangerous enemy.

Based on where Prometheus left off, there are many lingering questions left unanswered by the film’s ending. With the introduction of the new android Walter, it had made me more curious than ever to get answers. It’s nail biting!

1. What Happened To Doctor Elizabeth Shaw? What Happened To David?

This question has been on my mind since the announcement of Alien: Covenant. From the onset of the film, there was some indecision on behalf of the production about whether or not actress Noomi Rapace was going to reprise her role as Dr. Shaw. Then there was confirmation she would be in the film, but not in a starring role. Well, what happened to her? Is she dead?

What happened to David? He was just a talking head at the end of Prometheus, so where is he now? Is he also dead? Did David and Shaw split up?

2. What is Walter’s purpose?

Alien: Covenant teasers have introduced fans to Walter. Walter is an android who seems like an updated version of David and is a part of the Covenant mission. I assume Walter exists because David is MIA or presumed dead. But what are his intentions? Why would Weyland send yet another Android knowing how destructive they can be?

Check out this clip to find out more about Walter:

3. What planet did the Covenant ship arrive on?

The crew of the Covenant have landed on a mysterious planet. In the trailers, it’s unclear what planet they are on. The planet seems to be thriving with its lush landscape complete with greenery and water, so maybe this is the paradise they have had been looking for it. But something is weird about this place: There are no inhabitants — no birds, no wildlife, no humans and no engineers. Creepy.

So where are they exactly? The trailer nor #RidleyScott have made it clear. I have some theories, but I don’t want to say just yet.

4. Xenomorphs And Neomorphs?

So far, the fans have been introduced to several different types of #Alien species. In Prometheus, we see the Decon alien, which is known as the first alien organism. Then, Ridley Scott announced we would see a unique version of an alien called the Neomorph.

However, upon viewing the new trailer, the #Xenomorph is also present. What the heck is going on here?!

We still don’t have much information about the Decon alien, or where the Neomorph comes from. As far as the Xenomorph, why are the physical characteristics different from any other Xenomorph we have seen before? Will we ever find out who created these things?

5. Where are the Engineers?

At the end of Prometheus, Dr. Shaw and David flew away in a foreign spacecraft headed for the Engineer’s home world. Despite all that transpired, Shaw still wants to seek out the Engineers for answers.

In the trailers for Alien: Covenant, so far, I haven’t seen any engineers at all. It would suck not to know more about them, especially since the fans have been introduced to them. I need to know more, but until I find the answers!

Are you excited to see Alien: Covenant? The film hits theaters on May 19!

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