4:45 pm EDT, January 31, 2016

Alberto Rosende is the best part of ‘Shadowhunters’ so far

The first three episodes of Shadowhunters have been a little rough, which can be expected from a new series. However, one thing that has been consistent each and every episode is Simon, played by Alberto Rosende.

Alberto Rosende is the perfect Simon, and his character is one of the best parts of the show. Simon’s character has probably been the most closely adapted from books, and fans have been responding to that. Rosende seems to understand the importance of Simon and has managed to find the perfect balance between geekiness, loyalty and bravery.

Simon is Clary’s other half — just not in the way he wants to be. From the first episode Simon can be seen mooning over Clary but she just doesn’t get it. He continues to search for her in episode 1 and even decides to follow her into the abandoned church because she chooses Jace’s help over going with him.


In episode 2 we see Simon trying to find his way in a world he doesn’t understand and doesn’t belong to. Simon adds just the right amount of doubt and sarcasm to the world of Shadowhunters and is often the comic relief. Whether he is arguing with Jace or flirting with Isabelle, Simon has established his place in the series.

One of the best scenes so far was at the end of episode 3, “Dead Man’s Party,” when Simon finally realizes Clary might not ever love him the way he loves her. Everything about Rosende’s portrayal of that moment was perfect. For a brief moment he reads more into Clary’s words but quickly realizes his mistake. It will be interesting to watch Simon deal with Clary and Jace getting closer as the season continues.


While many book fans are struggling to love Shadowhunters, one thing many agree on is that Alberto Rosende is the perfect Simon. We recently interviewed Rosende and he admits that there was pressure for him to get it right when he found out he was cast in he role. The first thing he did was read all the books so he had a complete picture of who Simon was. This seems to have helped Rosende become the perfect version of the character.

Many book readers know that Simon’s journey in the Shadow World is just beginning, and we can only hope that the series continues to do justice for this character. Shadowhunters airs a new episode on Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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