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’24’ season 9, episode 4 recap: Jack hates slow upload speeds too

Jack takes hostages and struggles with a flash drive in 24 season 9, episode 4. Check out our recap, and share your thoughts on “Day 9: 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.”

Just as 24 runs in realtime, so do our recaps. Here is everything that happened in episode 4:

Previously on ’24’

Every week the biggest bragging rights on 24 belong to those characters who get their name shouted out in the opening credits. This week it’s:

– President James Heller
– Jack Bauer
– Chloe O’Brian
– Simone Al-Harazi
– Margot Al-Harazi
– Open Cell

Believe it or not, this is Jack’s first appearance in the “Previously On” section this season. Last week’s was just too jam packed.

2:00 p.m. – 2:09

Jack storms his way into the U.S. embassy, his radical “shoot innocent protestors in the legs to incite a riot” ruse having worked like a charm. In no time at all, he’s subdued a U.S. agent, donned his attire and is meeting with Private Tanner. Before Tanner can tell him how he’ll be starring in the J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars Jack has knocked out yet another guard and retrieved Tanner’s flight key. With this, Jack hopes to prove Tanner’s innocence and the imminent threat against the U.S. and U.K.

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Meanwhile back at Open Cell, Chloe is upset that Adrian sabotaged Jack in his attempt to get into the embassy. But she’s not nearly as upset as Jack’s Serbian Buddy (S.B. for short). S.B. tells Chloe that he owes Jack his life just like her. Presumably this will turn up again. More, importantly, however he looks just like Washington Wizards Center Marcin Gortat.

2:13 – 2:19

Margot’s son lets her know that the drone system will be live in “less than an hour.” What a coincidence! There’s exactly “less than an hour” to go in this episode. Navid reveals to Simone to his plan to escape Margot and the responsibility of killing innocent people. They can escape via a supply run that happens at 5 p.m. That’s three episodes away! You really think you can last that long, Navid?

Now the Marines are involved back at the Embassy and Jack knows he can’t escape. Instead, he’ll hole himself up in a secure communications room and upload the proof of the compromised drones directly to President Heller. Thank God even the most complex government computers have USB ports.

The Marines arrive and Jack strategically shoots at their body armor and takes hostages because once you’ve shot two innocent protesters what are a couple of body shots to Marines?

2:23 – 2:32

Simone tattles on Navid to her mother. Jeez, she didn’t even wait longer than ten minutes! “This family has worked too hard for too long to let anything get in this way,” Margot says. She could have used some of that attitude when she was a Stark.

President Heller is just finishing up his now-successful speech to Parliament. That’s 23 minutes of speech, pretty impressive. He finishes by mentioning the “Special Relationship” the U.S. and U.K. share. That was also the title of the this week’s Veep. Coincidence? Or is Julia Louis Dreyfus a sleeper agent?

Mark Boudreau receives word of Jack’s assault on the Embassy and can no longer hide it from the President or Audrey. Audrey…does not take this news well. Heller decides he wants to hear what Jack has to say.

2:37 – 2:46

Margot wastes no time and confronts Navid. Navid steadfastly refuses to give in…until Margot orders her goons to de-fingerize her own daughter. Navid caves and agrees to pilot the drones.

Back in the airtight communications room, Heller gets in touch with Jack. Jack makes a pretty reasonable pitch to Heller but Mark is able to convince Heller that he shouldn’t listen. To be fair, a sitting U.S. President probably shouldn’t listen to a designated terrorist who killed hundreds of people and nearly ruined U.S. diplomatic relations with Russia and China. Jack’s reveal does convince Kate Morgan, however, who decides to enter the room via air ducts and convince Jack to surrender.

2:51 – 3:00

At CIA headquarters, Navarro needles Jordan for having feelings for Agent Morgan. Season 9 “Mole Watch” is officially in effect for both of them. Navarro says that Kate isn’t infallible. But we’ve yet to see her make a mistake this year. Hell, even Chloe trusts her and convinces Jack to turn himself over to her. The file upload is taking too long and the Marines are closing in. Jack’s only move was to turn it over to Agent Morgan and live to fight another day. As Audrey would say: “let’s pray he was right.”

Did Jack make the right move letting himself get captured on tonight’s ’24’?

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