11:45 am EDT, September 2, 2014

’24’ movie talks start up again: Is this time for real?

In the wake of the successful 24: Live Another Day miniseries, talks of a 24 movie have reportedly been revived.

Of all the popular early to mid 2000s TV shows that fuel constant movie speculation, 24 movie talks falls behind maybe only Veronica Mars in their pervasiveness. Oh there was a Veronica Mars movie? Then 24 is now first.

According to an exclusive report from TV Line, 24 may finally be creeping closer to that ever elusive movie.

Details are obviously scarce but apparently Imagine Entertainment has an idea in mind for a feature that they’re fond of and want to see happen. It remains to be seen what that idea could be as a lot of the original plans for the 24 movie were incorporated into Live Another Day, including the London setting.

Any deal for a movie could also be turfed by Fox, who could be interested in another Live Another Day-style miniseries based on its relative critical and popular success. There has also been speculation of a spin off for Yvonne Strahovski’s Kate Morgan character.

Whether through film or television, it looks like multiple parties are interested in keeping the 24 franchise going. And that’s good news for all 24 fans.

Oh and just a couple random, not-relevant-to-anything parting stats: Kiefer Sutherland is currently 47 years old. Roger Moore was 45 when he first appeared as James Bond and didn’t quit until he was 58. Another decade of Jack Bauer? Why not?

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