10:54 pm EDT, July 11, 2015

Fox rocks SDCC with massive panel featuring ‘Deadpool,’ ‘X-Men,’ ‘Scorch Trials,’ more

20th Century Fox closed Saturday night at San Diego Comic-Con with an amazing presentation filled with Deadpool, The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, X-Men, and many more.

Moderator Chris Hardwick welcomed the audience to Hall H, and thanked the many people who had camped out overnight. Then it was showtime!

‘The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials’ trailer and cast presentation

The panel kicked off with The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials trailer. The trailer gave us an action-packed look into the Maze Runner sequel and the new faces joining the cast. Hardwick was then joined by Maze Runner author James Dashner, director Wes Ball, and stars Dylan O’Brien, Rosa Salazar, Ki Hong Lee, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, and Giancarlo Esposito.

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“We wanted this movie to feel totally different,” says Wes Ball. “This movie really does start off exactly where the last one left off, so you can watch the movies back to back and it’s this epic three-hour adventure.”

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A glimpse at the Cranks, the brand new ‘Scorch Trials’ monsters

Ball then introduced a brand new, never-before-seen clip that showed the “really scary monsters” of The Scorch Trials. In the clip, Thomas and Brenda walk slowly in a graffiti covered and seemingly deserted tunnel. “I think it might be this way,” says Thomas, before turning around to find Brenda examining the walls which seem to be covered in a twisted, organic material.

They are frightened by a mouse, before relaxing. That’s when the mouse is grabbed by a skeletal zombie creature that was literally attached to the wall. Suddenly, these creatures (Cranks) are emerging from tunnels and detaching themselves from the walls as they begin to chase Thomas and Brenda out of the facility and out onto a ledge overlooking a huge drop, with no apparent way to escape as the Cranks close in.

A look at Daniel Radcliffe as Igor in the first ‘Victor Frankenstein’ trailer

“We shall create life out of death,” says James McAvoy in the first Victor Frankenstein trailer. The preview is packed with special effects and action, as McAvoy’s Frankenstein and Daniel Radcliffe’s Igor work together to create a monster. The trailer is incredibly entertaining and — more surprising — it’s very funny. “It’s alive!” Igor whispers at one point. “Yes, well, that’s rather obvious” responds Dr. Frankenstein.

Radcliffe, McAvoy and director Paul McGuigan then took to the stage. Radcliffe and McAvoy had great chemistry together, although McAvoy joked that it’s really a movie about him abusing Daniel Radcliffe. And what’s the point of the movie? “Just trying to build a big monster, man,” says McAvoy.

We then saw a clip from the film in which Frankenstein attempts to create life in front of his peers. After accidentally electrocuting himself and causing a bug infestation to erupt from his monster, his attempts to bring his zombie-monkey to life actually work. This is followed by a scene in which Igor looks for the creature and it attacked by it — but it seems as if there might be some scenes in between these two that were cut out.

The cast of ‘Fantastic Four’ and the final trailer

Fantastic Four stars Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller, Jamie Bell and Toby Kebbell took to the stage with director Josh Trank, who notoriously avoids the public spotlight (very few pictures of him exist on the internet). After a brief Q&A, we were shown the world premiere of the final Fantastic Four trailer, which focuses on a young Reed Richards as he tries to build a teleport device. The trailer included even more shots of the Fantastic Four in action, and they all look… well… fantastic.

The entire ‘Deadpool’ cast together on stage

This section of the panel started off with a special message from Deadpool to Hall H, before the entire Deadpool cast walked out on stage to screams from the audience. This is what people had slept out all night to see, and the excitement was clear in the audience. The cast seemed just as excited to be there and to have been able to make this film. “It’s an absolute miracle that a studio let us make Deadpool, let alone a Rated R Deadpool,” said star Ryan Reynolds.

A brand new ‘Deadpool’ trailer, twice

We then saw a brand new, totally awesome Deadpool trailer. The trailer gave us a nice look at Wade Wilson before he became Deadpool, plus more footage of our favorite superhero. The trailer was everything fans wanted it to be, so much so that at the end the entire audience gave the footage a standing ovation and started chanting “ONE MORE TIME!” until moderator Chris Hardwick shrugged in agreement. The trailer played again.

The best trailer moment? Wade Wilson being wheeled in to be experimented on and calling out, “Please don’t make the supersuit green! Or animated!” Another highlight was Deadpool shooting a bullet through three people’s skulls.

An ‘X-Men’ retrospective and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine audition

The X-Men section of the panel began with a retrospective reel, looking at the first of the franchise. This included Hugh Jackman’s very first audition for the role of Wolverine, and director Brian Singer offering Jackman the role.

Jackman and Singer then appeared on stage to thank the audience for their support over the years, before inviting up the entire cast of X-Men Apocalypse. Jackman couldn’t find a seat, so he sat on Jennifer Lawrence’s lap before leaving the stage.

The very first ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ trailer

Bryan Singer warned us that while this footage is cut like a trailer, it included unfinished effects. Still, it looked pretty amazing to us, especially as it was taken from only five weeks of filming. The trailer began with Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, and ended with James McAvoy as a very bald Professor X.

A brief ‘Gambit’ appearance and a huge selfie

At the end of the panel — which clocked in at well over 2 hours — Channing Tatum came on stage very briefly to remind us that Gambit is in the pipeline. To make the surprise even greater, Stan Lee came on stage and took a selfie with what the group proclaimed was the largest gathering of super heroes ever.


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